September Style Feature

September featureName or Alias: Yana B.

INSTAGRAM (or Twitter): Instagram:@lovefashion1st
Twitter: @stylestamped


ASPIRATIONS: My aspirations are connected to style, fashion, fun, and advocacy. My short term goal is to be a successful fashion blogger, and in the sense of success I mean, successful in my eyes. I also aspire to be a fashion stylist and image consultant to a larger audience. As far as advocacy is concerned, as a Lupus survivor of over 20 years, and a kidney transplant recipient of 14 years, I aspire to be a voice and face for persons suffering with Lupus and kidney failure through volunteer work, speaking engagements, and personal contact. My long term goal (but not too long) is to be a published author with a New York Times best selling book.

HOBBIES: I love to blog, [] it’s my newest hobby and what I spend most of my spare time on. I have always loved to travel, and I can’t wait to visit Europe. Of course shopping is a favorite pastime of mine…as well as reading good novels, both fiction and non-fiction. One of my favorite books is “The Glass Castle,” I love the writing style of the author Jeannette Walls and her story is incredible. I also paint with acrylic and write when I can.

STYLE INSPIRATION: I let my mood decide my style. I am inspired by clothing designers who use detailed and intricate garment construction and dramatic details that make an item stand out. I also love clothing that fits well. Clothing that fits well is key! I get inspired in thrift stores and consignment shops. I love buying items that are not in mass production or hand-made. I am inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood’s dramatic designs. Pairing drama with street style can be a perfect combination! One of my favorite stores is All Saints.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: I do not have just one favorite accessory but I have many pairs of shoes! I like statement jewelry and do a lot of pairing and mixing. I like to stack chunky bracelets of all different shapes and designs on one arm, or wear multiple necklaces at a time. I like to mix silver and gold. I just like whatever will complement my style.

WHAT’S YOUR STREET INTELL: I believe that God has a purpose and a plan for us all, and once you tap into your true purpose, nothing can hold you back! Having a relationship with God is the pathway to a happy, successful, and fulfilled life. I try to focus on that at all times and that is what drives me to be the best that I can be in everything that I do. I see fashion and I create style. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do that, and do it well!

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: My style varies. I like to bend the rules. I like to be a surprise, and I like to be organic. I don’t over obsess on trends, or concern myself much with designer names. I like whatever makes sense to me at the time. Overall my look is edgy, classic, sexy, original, and sharp.

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