Journey into the depths of the DC underground arts movement #TheSanaaProject

It is ever so often that a generation of people come along and spark the flame that in turn transforms an era. Seldom do you encounter movements on the cusp of greatness. However, what we have here is the birth of what is soon to be a cultural phenomenon; The Sanaa Project.

Speaking with Sanaa DC curator Yaya Bey she expressed that “The Sanaa project is a community network of people who want to contribute to their generation… she wants people to feel inspired and feel like they have a say in what happens around them. Not only is the Sanaa project a platform for self expression it is a tool used to empower the youth.”

We first encountered the project on a personal invite to Sanaa House party 4. Check out our street team clip of the experience:

We’ve been fortunate to be taken along for the ride and look forward to Sanaa’s future growth and expansion. Dive into some video recaps and complementary interviews as the Sanaa tribe explains further what the Sanaa Project means to them.

Thank you for tuning in to Street Intell TV! For updates follow the Sanaa project on Instagram @theSanaaProject and we’ll keep you updated here on the latest Street Intell.

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