Fusion Fashion Show: The Valley Vintage Launch Event

On Thursday, Feb 27th myself and fellow team member Genesis attended the Fusion Fashion Show presented by the Valley Vintage boutique. The event was hosted by local late night TV host, Queen Charis. Look Lounge provided a good selection of appetizers and entrees to hold guests over while they waited for the show to start. Fusion was the perfect name for this event. The fusion between the elegant surroundings of Look Lounge and the models in daring vintage designs with vibrant colors, gave a unique vibe to the event. When models weren’t ripping up the runway, local musician,”KO” (Kahli) serenaded the crowd with his falsetto.


We spoke with boutique owner Chantree Williams and got some brief insight on her brand:

Can you tell us more about your brand and the inspiration for starting?
First off let me say the event is truly amazing. I find vintage clothes from all over the United States and sell them online, I alter them and make them a little more modern sometimes. My online store will be up an running next week. My inspiration is my grandmother; seeing her closet when I was younger intrigued me.

Who would you like to see wearing your garments?
I want everybody that goes against the grain to wear my clothes, someone who sets their own trend, vintage lovers, and people that create their own style.

What words of advice do have for other up and coming business owners?
I would tell other aspiring business owners not to let making money be the only thing driving their business. Have a passion for whatever it is you’re providing to the consumer and always stay professional.

The Fusion fashion show was a fun and lively event but the night wasn’t only all about the fashion and modeling, it was also about supporting young entrepreneurs as well. There were vendors selling different things including Jewelry from Trunk Show Boutique. To support Chantree and view more items from the show visit thevalleyvintage.com

Runway Photo Credit: Mario Herring @Dnimnwoym (Instagram)

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