05.03.14 |Dark IS Lovely, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Women’s Expo


The Second Annual Women’s Expo is bringing together professional, entrepreneurial and all around phenomenal women —Walking With A Purpose— to engage in an exciting time full of networking opportunities, shopping with vendors and informative speakers. Street Intell will be providing exclusive media coverage at this event. Tickets are free and can be confirm via Eventbrite. There will be a $5.00 suggested donation accepted at the door that will go towards continuing the efforts of the organization and supporting the Dark IS Lovely mentoring program.

Ladies prepare your business cards, reserve your ticket today and we will meet you at Dark IS Lovely, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Women’s Expo!

Dark is Lovely, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Executive Director, Adoma Adae. The vision of the brand is to encourage positive self-imagery and support young girls through mentorship, networking and workshops. The organization has been committed to the Northern, Virginia community through provided HIV/AIDs awareness workshops for the youth and a variety of other events focused on uplifting individuals.


A Message from the Founder:
Adoma AdaeI was inspired to start this organization after my first trip back to Ghana, West Africa in 2007. While there, I met a group of women who had bleached their skin. I didn’t understand why someone would put their health at risk or permanently damage their skin to feel beautiful. After I returned, I conducted some research and discovered that many other groups of women—and men—of color, domestically and intentionally had bleached their skin for various reasons. That knowledge motivated me to launch the Dark IS Lovely movement; where I sought to bring awareness to the issues of Colorism and Self-Acceptance.

Dark IS Lovely, Inc. was launched in March 2011 with the aim of making individuals aware that there is nothing wrong with having Dark skin tones and that we all should learn to accept and love who we are. My goal is to help young ladies and women understand that loving yourself is not something that can be taught, yet it’s something that is learned as you grow through life. I encourage everyone to reject the media’s definition of beauty and define their own true beauty but most importantly do not allow your skin tone to determine your worth!

Adoma Adae

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