Dave Chappelle’s Newly Added Radio City Tour Slots to Include Musical Guest Appearances

DaveCurrently on tour, Dave Chappelle has added 3 additional slots to his exclusive tour next month in New York.

All five original shows previously scheduled sold out as soon as they became available.

Now it appears Chappelle may be gearing up to throw a mini block party at Radio City Music Hall.

He’s added 3 more shows all of which will feature performances from legendary acts such as The Roots (June 24th) , Janelle Monae, Busta Rhymes, DJ Premier (June 25th) and Erykah Badu (June 26th).

Many of the artists set to perform were apart of Chappelle’s originial 2006 Documentary, Block Party.

Yeah we already know what you’re thinking, ‘Where has this bamma been?’

LOL well ask no questions just be sure to get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Chappelle again on stage.

Keep an eye out for tickets Here. General admission pre-sale tickets go on sale June 2nd.






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