11 Ways to Know You are NOT Over Your X

Often times as people we tend to end relationships without fully closing the door. We leave just enough room for a small dash of hope to potentially fill the void and bring things back to what they were. Here are a few quick ways to analyze your behaviors and determine whether you are still stuck on your X.

  1. You stalk your  on social media.
  2. You and your  X continue to have sexual relations.
  3. You try to “sleep” [around] your pain away from splitting with your X.
  4. You can’t stop brining up your X in a conversation.
  5. You are still upset about losing your X—regardless of who dumped who.
  6. You are afraid of someone new fulfilling the void from the X.
  7. Instead of moving on and giving other people a chance you want to just quit trying.
  8. You allow negativity from the past relationship to spill over onto a new person and/or relationship.
  9. You can’t stand the thought of your X having any form of relations with another person.
  10. You continue to attempt to be social with people very close to your X.
  11. If You can not honestly say you want the best for them… guest what? You are NOT over your X!



By Ryan Chandler | @NayrRychi


Ryan Chandler is a 23 year old south side Chicago Native and emerging hip-hop journalist. He is an avid hip-hop enthusiast who is not only immersed in the music but the dynamics of the culture, as a whole. Ryan aims to use his passion for hip-hop and people to further elevate the community. He has written for notable Chicago blogs such as FakeShoreDrive and is a welcomed contributor to the Street Intell brand.



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