Freed Man Resentenced to Serve 98 Years in Jail After Being Released

The prison industrialized system is alive and well. Rene Lima-Marin is a devoted father and husband currently serving a 98 year sentence behind bars, after a court filed clerical error was found in his case.

Freed for 6 years after serving 10 years of a 16 year sentence, Rene Lima-Marin vowed that he would never return to jail. Upon his release in 2008 Lima-Marin served out the remainder of his six years on parole without violation and successfully completed it in April of 2013.

In January 2014, a judge ordered Lima-Marin to return to prison and serve out an absurd 98 year sentence.

For what?!

That is the question on everyone’s mind. If Rene Lima-Marin has already done the time for his crime then he deserves the right to live freely with his family. What’s really going on here?

We all know that art sometimes reflects life but this 98 years a new slave mandate is pushing it too close and simply unacceptable.

View more of Rene’s story below and help bring him home by signing his petition here.

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