10 Truths

Everyone thinks they know everything there is about relationships and they journey from one experience to the next often times neglecting the writing on the wall. Here are 10 Truths that I’ve found to undeniably stay the same:


  • Every man was once a nice guy… but nice guys finish last.


  • Men and women can become intimidated by someone who has exactly what they want.


  • People make time for what or who they want to make time for.


  • We have all used somebody at some point.


  • “Friends with Benefits” has an expiration date.


  • Time “together” should not be measured by length, but by the events within the journey.


  • People want honesty but often times can not handle it.


  • A generation of dating is becoming NUMB.


  • Some Men look for a mother and a H@* in the same Woman.


  • Problems from past relationships can carry over to create problems within the new relationship.

paper artist

By Ryan Chandler | @NayrRychi


Ryan Chandler is a 23 year old south side Chicago Native and emerging hip-hop journalist. He is an avid hip-hop enthusiast who is not only immersed in the music but the dynamics of the culture, as a whole. Ryan aims to use his passion for hip-hop and people to further elevate the community. He has written for notable Chicago blogs such as FakeShoreDrive and is a welcomed contributor to the Street Intell brand.



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