10 More Truths


10 More Truths…

By Ryan Chandler~@NayrRyChi

  1. Chase success, not money…Don’t allow your reality to kill your dream
  2. Acknowledge what people have done, instead of what they have not
  3. Sex is an expression of love, lust, or curiosity
  4. Two types of guys that will forever attract women are: Funny Guys and Bad Boys
  5. When two “friends” have sex for the first time it is now the beginning of something great, or the beginning of the end
  6. Listening and hearing are two different things
  7. There is a lack of Alpha Males
  8. Some men tend to get lazy once comfortable in a relationship
  9. A man will do to a woman whatever she allows
  10. Social Media has changed the dynamics of dating




Ryan Chandler is a 23 year old south side Chicago Native and emerging hip-hop journalist. He is an avid hip-hop enthusiast who is not only immersed in the music but the dynamics of the culture, as a whole. Ryan aims to use his passion for hip-hop and people to further elevate the community. He has written for notable Chicago blogs such as FakeShoreDrive and is a welcomed contributor to the Street Intell brand.



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