Azealia Banks Explains the Real Reasons Behind Her Issues With Iggy

Azealia shares a passionate and uninhibited interview on the Hot 97 morning show, airing out her concerns with T.I. and Grand Hustle’s leading lady Iggy Azalea. Along with chopping up her ‘beef’ with Grand Hustle, Azealia flips to a much deeper side of the whole matter and shares her honest frustrations and heartfelt concerns on the misappropriation of black culture in america.

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Movie Trailer: Nate Parker and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Star in New Romantic-Drama, ‘Beyond the Lights’


Beyond the Lights is the story of a troubled singer (Noni Jean) on the verge of super stardom. Noni Jean is played by English actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw know notably for her performance as the main character in the indie film,  Belle (18th-century historical piece about a black woman raised as almost an equal in a white household.). In the film, Gugu’s character (Noni) struggles with her identity and the pressure of becoming a world renowned super star, who contrary to her personal aspirations is forced to sell an overly sexy image of herself. Noni ends up finding solace and self-acceptance after meeting co-star Nate Parker’s character Kaz Nicol. Parker’s character, Kaz is an up and coming police officer and aspiring politician assigned to serve as protection for the superstar but later finds himself over the edge for the pop damsel in distress. Instantly, Kaz and Noni find themselves in a hot and heavy romance despite the disapproval of those around them. In the end, Noni discovers her courage and voice through Kaz’s love; which pushes her to be the artist she always wanted to be.


‘Beyond the Lights’ was written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood  the creator of the now classic american film’Love and Basketball.’ According to reports from the Star, the film has already premiered at TIFF and is set to hit theaters November 14th, 2014. View the trailer below and be sure to leave us your comments, thought and opinions.

Breaking News: Actor and Comedian, Robin Williams found dead at 63

Williams and his daughter Zelda| Image via Instagram @therobinwilliams

According to reports from Marin County Sheriff’s office the  63-year-old actor was found dead inside his home around 12 noon Monday.  It was further suspected that the Oscar-winning actor’s cause of death was suicide due to asphyxia. However a more thorough investigation is to be conducted before a final determination is made.

Susan Schneider, wife of Robin Williams released a statement earlier today saying:

This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions”


Robin Williams was best known for his roles in such classic American films like Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and Goodwill Hunting. He’s brought smiles to the faces of many children and adults all across the globe.

Many people are aware however that Williams struggled with depression and alcoholism. He had reported being sober for over 20 years but suffered a relapse late 2005 and checked into a rehab facility last month. We acknowledge his struggles but we choose to uplift his memory and legacy by remembering the joy he brought to countless lives.


What was your favorite Robin Williams role (or film)?

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08.02.14 | Sanaa Fest


The Sanaa Project is a movement created for artists by artists to promote creative expression by highlighting the struggles and triumphs of artists. Monthly parties served as the social aspect of the movement which provided an organic and sincere atmosphere that fostered a creative culture and fellowship among like minded individuals.

Sanaa is dedicated to ensuring that artists have access and exposure to the work and efforts of other artists within their communities. The Sanaa community strives to uphold a non-elitist standard where artists of all backgrounds may feel welcomed and celebrated. They believe in the power of networking, and encouraging artists to build and share—creating a self-reliant artist community. 

Check out our feature to get a more in depth look at this DC Based underground collective.

Sanaa has expanded into an annual festival and oAugust 2nd from 12-8pm a variety of musicians, artist, painters, poets and bands will come together to host the first ever SANAA FEST 2014.

New York based poet Falu will be this years special event host.The festival’s theme this is “Identity”, specifically touching on the under representation and misrepresentation of “The Artist”.

Hosed in and around the Mt Rainier artist loft of3311 Rhode Island Ave, Mt. Rainier Maryland the Sanaa tribe will be use the outdoor space to create an electrifying atmosphere of great music and elevation.

The festival will include live musical performances and DJ sets, 3 indoor curated art exhibits, Poetry, live painting, vendors, food trucks as well as information booths for several local non-profit organizations who do good work in the community.

Because Sanaa firmly believes in economically accessible art therefore this festival will be free 100% free however they will be accepting donations that will go directly towards advancing the aims of the Mousai House  (an organization created as an underground haven for artist; they provide free art programs, discounted music lesson and other educational resources for the community). For more information visit

We’ll meet you at the 2014 Sanaa Festival!



Don Cheadle Begins Production On New Film, ‘Miles Ahead’

Don Cheadle

Miles Ahead, is a new biopic [of sorts] coming from acclaimed actor Don Cheadle, who not only produces and directs the project but stars as the legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis.

Davis who is looked upon as one of the leading innovators of Jazz music; is  a celebrated and iconic figure with a musical career spanning over five decades.

In what appears to be the season of biopics ‘Miles Ahead’ is sure to stand out amongst the pack and what better person to bring this story forward than Don Cheadle!

Cheadle has a true definitive love and admiration for Davis and his work so this is indeed a passion project.

What makes this even more remarkable is that not only has Don dedicated his time to directing and starring in the film, this project is also independently produced.

Yep, that’s what you read, there is no major studio backing the production.

Don Cheadle has breathed new life into the meaning of one of Miles Davis’s epithets as a “Social Musician” by incorporating the modern twist of crowd funding parts of the production.

According to Cheadle began shooting for the film this week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Taking on the task of conveying Mile Davis’s life is not only a bold move but a grand undertaking yet we are certain that Don Cheadle has what it takes to pull it off.

Check out an except from an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which Cheadle expresses how his involvement in the project came to be.

This was something that had been a periphery for me. I never thought about portraying him, really. I had done several other quote-unquote biopics and was always struck by the limitations they presented, because they were trying to be historically accurate. Let’s be honest, any biopic is a series of omissions and conflations of events and amalgamations of characters. And you’re trying to have a movie experience under three hours, so in the process you condense people’s lives from cradle to grave, so things tend to feel episodic and event-oriented as opposed to a story about people and relationships and a character.

So I didn’t want to do another biopic. So when I heard the idea, from various people who had played with him, producers, writers, that this could potentially be something, I thought, ‘if the script is great, I would be open to it since he’s always been a fascinating figure to me.’

And then, in 2008, when Miles was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his nephew was interviewed and was asked, ‘Would you ever do a movie on his life?” He said yes, and that Don Cheadle is going to play him. And I was like ‘I am?’

This film is already phenomenal simply because of its subject and we are curious to see how Cheadle will use his ingenuity and brilliance to explore the life and music of Miles Davis.

Keep and eye out for the film’s debut and as always share the Street Intell.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

Straight Outta Compton: The N. W. A. Biopic Is On The Way!


The N. W. A. biopic is underway and the leads have finally been casted!

Yesterday Dr. Dre tweeted the above image with the caption “8/14/15 #StraightOuttaCompton ” indicating the film’s intended release date.

Currently in the pre-production stages of the film, Dre released the above image featuring himself, Ice Cube, and Director, F. Gary Gray along with the young men who will be portraying himself, Ice Cube and the late rapper, Easy- E.

The image confirms the film’s cast of leading characters; Corey Hawkins will play he role of Dr. Dre, Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E and O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Ice Cube’s son) will be playing the role of his father.

Critically acclaimed Director, F. Gary Gray has joined forces with Universal Studios, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre to bring fans a snap shot of one of American popular culture’s most influential hip-hop groups.

The film is yet another notch in Gray’s belt as he is known notably for directing classic films such as Friday, The Italian Job and the Negotiator.

This is said to be Gray’s first time directing a biopic and we’re looking forward to everything that he’ll bring to the film.

DJ Yella, MC Ren, Eazy- E, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube exploded on the scene in the late 80s using their raw and gritty lyrics to send audacious but poignant messages to society about the state of Compton.

We can’t wait to relive the birth of “gangsta rap” as we are guided through the story of these legendary hip-hop heavyweights.

Now that you’ve seen firsts look of the film’s lead characters, what do you think?

Kelly Rowland Announces Pregnancy via Instagram!!!


After weeks of fan speculation, hiding her baby bump under flowing shirts, high-waisted slacks and bulky gowns—the newly married R&B singer has finally announced that her and new hubby, Tim Witherspoon are indeed expecting!

Congrats Mrs. Witherspoon! We wish her all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Check out her post below: