Rapper, Lil’ Kim Gives Birth to Baby Girl and Names Her Royal Reign

Photo via InstagramThe 39-year-old rapper and her baby’s father— New York city rapper, Mr. Papers— welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world today.

According to reports shared with E! Online the rapper gave birth this morning around 9:58am to a 6lb, 5 ounce baby girl.

Ever since she stepped on the scene Lil’Kim has always been known as the infamous Queen of Hip-hop.

Rapping and flaunting her way to the top of the charts in the mid 90s with hits like No Time ft. Puff Daddy, Lil’ Kim has always held her own (with the best of them) on the royal hip-hop court.

And with the birth of her little princess, Kim makes no mistake in letting people know that her “reign” won’t end; as she dons her daughter with a very bold and distinct name: Royal Reign.

Congratulations to the original queen of hip-hop and we look forward to watching little miss Royal grow.


Chris Brown Celebrates with Close Friends at a Surprise ‘Welcome Home’ Party


3 Days after being released from jail the young pop star is seen being escorted by his current girlfriend Karruche Tran into a private  pool side celebration filled with close friends.

Check out more photos below:

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Photo Courtesy: Instagram


The Son of Late Rapper Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace, Jr. ) Graduates High School


Last week, Christopher Wallace, Jr., the son of late rapper Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace and Faith Evans graduated from St. Monica Catholic High School in Los Angeles, CA.Pictures were posted to social networks and people poured in celebratory salutations to the young king on his accomplishment.

cj pose

Controversy ignited as a photo posted by the teen with the caption “no sus”  was filtered  around the internet. One blogger (Sandra Rose) threw an aggressive stab at the 17-year-old graduate and broadcasted a very distasteful and snarky remark on Twitter:

“#GayPride Christopher Wallace & Faith Evans son CJ Graduates”


In addition to the tweet Rose created a blog post about Faith and the Notorious B.I.G.’s son which set Faith Evans a blaze and prompted a rather nasty retort. Faith tweeted:

“@SandraRose  eat a hundred d*@#$!”

Now this is a messy situation but down to the bones of this matter comes the responsibility of bloggers to take better approaches when reporting what they assume is news. Sandra Rose was clearly being a Troll. Regardless of Cee Jay’s sexual preference there are different ways to go about filtering information. Plus he’s a child. Why take away from his happy day of accomplishment and celebration with meaningless dribble?

All in all Congrats once more to the young man for accomplishing a feat that his late father was not able to make.



Hidden Colors 3: The Rules Of Racism, Hits Select Theatres June 26th

hd3Hidden Colors 3 is the third installment in the docu-film series coming from director and producer Tariq Nasheed of King Flex Entertainment. It has garnered critical acclaim from many individuals in the American-African community. Recently patrons raised over $70,000 for the film via the popular crowd-funding site kick starter.  The series first gained the attention of viewers in the straight to DVD release of the original two documentaries—Hidden Colors and Hidden Colors 2. The latest installment of the series, Hidden colors 3 dives into the the depths of analyzing the “post-racial” American society. Preview the trailer below and scoop out the different locations to see if the film will premiere in a theatre near you. For more detailed information visit HiddenColorstheFilm.com.

Washington, District of Colombia

Avalon Theater

5612 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington DC 20015

[7:30 pm] *** One Night Only***

Website l Google Map

Bethesda Row Cinema

7235 Woodmont Ave

Bethesda MD 20814-2951

[7:00 pm] *** One Night Only***

Website Google Map

Baltimore, MD

The Senator Theater

5904 York Rd

Baltimore,MD 21212

[7:00 pm] *** One Night Only***


Atlanta, GA

Midtown Art Cinema

931 Monroe Drive

Atlanta, GA 30308

7:00 pm, June 26, 2014 * One Night Only

Website | Google Map

The Plaza Theater

1049 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30306

7:00 pm, June 27, 2014 * One Night Only

Website | Google Map

Chicago, Illinois

ICE Chatham 14 Theaters

210 W. 87th Street

Chicago Illinois 60620

Two Showings-7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm June 27, 2014 * One Night Only

Website | Google Map

Detroit, Michigan

Main Art Theater

118 North Main Street

Royal Oak, MI 48067

7:00 pm, June 26, 2014 * One Night Only

Website | Google Map

Dallas, Texas

Magnolia Theater

3699 McKinney Ave #100

Dallas, TX 75204

7:00 pm, June 26, 2014 * One Night Only

Website Google Map

Jacksonville, Florida

The Ritz Theater

829 North Davis Street

Jacksonville,FL 32202

7:30 pm, June 26,2014 *One Night Only

Website l Google Map

Los Angeles, California

The Music Hall Theater

9036 Wilshire Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

7:30 pm, June 26, 2014 * One Night Only

Website | Google Map

Miami, FL

Betty T. Ferguson Complex

3000 NW 199th St

Miami Gardens,Fl 33056

6:00 pm, June 26,2014 *One Night Only

Website l Google Map


Landmark Theater Lagoon Cinema

1320 Lagoon Ave

Minneapolis MN 55408

7:00 pm,June 26,2014

Website l Google Map

New York, New York

Cinema Village Theater

22 East 12th Street

New York, NY 10003

7pm June 26,2014 *One night only

Website | Google Map


Piedmont Theater

4186 Piedmont Ave

Oakland Ca 94611

7:00 pm,June 26,2014 *One Night Only

Website l Google Map

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ritz East Theater

125 South Second St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

7:00 pm, June 26, 2014 * One Night Only

Website Google Map

Apple and Beats Electronics Close on 3 Billion Dollar Deal

As we reported a few weeks back Dr. Dre is now officially Hip-Hop’s first Billionaire.

Dr. Dre and his Business Partner Jimmy Lovine sealed the rumored $3 Billion dollar deal on Wednesday; selling the popular Beats Electronics brand off to Apple, Inc.

In addition to the Beats electronics purchase Apple acquired their exclusive streaming music service, Beats Music. Apple has, offered up $2.6 billion in cash and $400 million shares in the company to be vested over time.

Not only did Apple purchase the Beats brand, it has also been said that Dre and Lovine have been brought on board in undisclosed executive positions with in the company.

This appears to be a match made in consumer electronics heaven.

Congrats to all the parties involved and let’s get ready for the next episode.


Dave Chappelle’s Newly Added Radio City Tour Slots to Include Musical Guest Appearances

DaveCurrently on tour, Dave Chappelle has added 3 additional slots to his exclusive tour next month in New York.

All five original shows previously scheduled sold out as soon as they became available.

Now it appears Chappelle may be gearing up to throw a mini block party at Radio City Music Hall.

He’s added 3 more shows all of which will feature performances from legendary acts such as The Roots (June 24th) , Janelle Monae, Busta Rhymes, DJ Premier (June 25th) and Erykah Badu (June 26th).

Many of the artists set to perform were apart of Chappelle’s originial 2006 Documentary, Block Party.

Yeah we already know what you’re thinking, ‘Where has this bamma been?’

LOL well ask no questions just be sure to get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Chappelle again on stage.

Keep an eye out for tickets Here. General admission pre-sale tickets go on sale June 2nd.






[Watch] New Movie Trailer for ‘The Equilizer’ Starring Denzel Washington

In the film, Denzel plays a retired intelligence officer, Robert McCall who is living a quiet and normal life until he helps Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), escape being sex trafficked by Russian gangsters.

After rescuing Chloë Grace Moretz’s character Washington finds himself caught up in a crazy, kick ass, gun slinging, high intensity battle with the Russian mafia.

The movie is set to be released later this fall.

Enjoy the trailer and don’t forget to tell us what you think by commenting below.