Former Mayor, Marion Barry Pens New Book “Mayor for Life” and Holds Downtown DC Book Signing

Community Advocate, Civil Rights Activist and Former DC Mayor, Marion Barry held a book signing event on Tuesday at the downtown Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The event was your standard book signing event but the Barnes and Noble staff did a wonderful job of keeping the crowds of people organized and moving. As people trickled in for the 6PM signing many of them were anxious to meet with the former Mayor. One lady I spoke to was so excited that she had actually left her office earlier that day just to purchase her copy of the book and return to work; she stated how she wanted to be certain that her book was signed. Another young lady had purchased multiple copies for herself, her grandmother and mother.

As time progressed on past the hour, crowds of patrons poured into the second level of the bookstore. While waiting, I was drawn into several different conversations with people from all around the DC metro area. I spoke with one woman from the Eastern Shores of Maryland. She told me how she had traveled across the Bay bridge with her great grandnephew just to bring him to meet the illustrious Mayor. She boasted about how they’d been practicing a firm handshake and she even instructed her nephew (who appeared to be maybe 5 or 6 years of age) to “give her the Barry-shake, y’know the one you’re going to give Mr. Barry.”

When the former Mayor finally arrived, one by one supporters lined up eager to shower him with Thank yous and celebrate the release of his latest book. I linked up with a few supporters from the event who graciously shared their thoughts on the Mayor and why they purchased his book.

Chesley S.

“I came to get the book because I believe he has transformed DC and he is really a leading African-American figure in this country. I admire the work that he has done for everybody and I feel like he has placed people before himself. He is truly an inspirational figure for myself and I know for many others in Washington, DC and afar.”


Keijon W.

 “I grew up in DC, born and raised in North East so he’s been my “Mayor for Life”, basically. Plus my Aunt and everybody wanted the book so they sent me down here to get them.”

Dorset L.

“I purchased the book because he is the “Mayor for Life”, you have to have his book. A book about the person who basically helped grow this city. I love him, and people need to know what he did for the people of Washington, DC. Regardless, if it was black, white or whatever; it didn’t make a difference, he was always there for the people. Washington, DC stands for the people and he stood for the people. Regardless of what the situation was he was there for you. [Longtime DC resident] I’m from NW Washington, DC and I remember when he was with his first wife, Mary Treadwell. My family was apart of the PRIDE program and worked with him on his campaign.”

Patrick C.

“I’ve been in the city [Washington, DC] for 35 years and I think Marion Barry is one of the greatest politicians of my lifetime.”

Everyone I had spoken to shared the same sentiments of admiration and gratitude for the impact Mayor Marion Barry had made, not only in their lives as individuals but within their communities as a whole. I strongly believe that the greatness of a city is found in its people and the people are a reflection of their leadership.

The people have spoken and Mayor Marion Barry is indeed DC’s “Mayor For life.”

06.28.14 | Vinofest DC

20140627-155128-57088540.jpgCalling all wine enthusiasts! Make your way to Union Market this Saturday, June 28th for an electrifying day full of food, art, music and of course Wine!!!

Featured musical performances include Jesse Boykins III, Body Language, Jetty, SEE-I, Eric Hilton-Thievery Corp, Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, Sugar Bear & EU, Bonnie Rash and DJ Spinser Tracy.

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The People’s Platform: DC Mayoral Forum | Event Recap

Tommy Wells,  Vincent Orange, Rita Jo Lewis, Muriel Bowser, (Incumbent) Vincent C. Gray, Jack Evans, and Andy Shallal
Tommy Wells, Vincent Orange, Rita Jo Lewis, Carlos Allen, Muriel Bowser, (Incumbent) Vincent C. Gray,
Jack Evans, and Andy Shallal

Last Saturday, March 8th, Community Affairs correspondent Carl Holland  attended the DC Mayoral Forum event hosted at the ARC in South East, Washington, DC. The forum was organized to connect the community with the current candidates running to become DC’s next mayor. Carl reported that the event was pretty lively, extremely informative and well moderated by One DC.  Check out more of his recap below.

The DC Mayoral Forum event was an opportunity for each candidate to meet the community and speak on points related to their needs. Upon arrival to the event audience members received two cards; one red and one green. They were instructed to flash the individual colored card when they either agreed or disagreed with any of the candidates statements. The event was moderated by One DC, who did a great job; even when the audience got rambunctious.

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After a round of DC Jeopardy, the floor was opened up to the audience and they got right into the Q&A portion of the program. Everyone, except for the incumbent mayor, (who is running for re-election) had an opportunity to address the audiences questions. Regrettably, the incumbent did not attend the event nor did he have a spokesperson sit in on the his behalf. And the seven other candidates on stage vying for his position wasted no time broadcasting his absence.

Although the forum was meant to give the candidates an opportunity to explain how to solve issues in D.C., many of them focused solely on the problems. The moderator had to keep reminding them, multiple times to focus on the solutions. Candidates who didn’t follow this advice usually received red cards of disapproval from the audience. When candidates did inspire the audience though, they received green cards.


At the end of the day the Mayoral Forum had it’s moments, (awkward, heated, and everything in between), but ultimately turned out to be a great success. The event was necessary and gave the voters of Washington, DC a rare chance to speak with the mayoral candidates face to face. On a side note, the food served by Kitchen Cray was very savory, delicious, and a good compliment to the event. Props to Barry Farms Study Circle, Empower DC, Our DC, DC Working Families, and One DC for putting on such an awesome event!

Photography by: Carl Holland

Charm THEM: Networking in the City

Arlington Underground Gallery
Arlington Underground Gallery

On Thurday, February 27th the Street Intell team attended Networking in the City at the Underground Arts Gallery in Arlington, Virginia.

Upon arrival to the event guests were greeted by CharmTHEM chief event coordinator and CEO, Dionda Fugitt. The first 12 guest to arrive received a complimentary rose courvoisier gift bag in honor of Charm THEM’s 2 year anniversary. During the event guests had the opportunity to take part in an assortment of refreshments; beer, coconut water, and soda as well as an on site wine vendor. In addition, guest were treated to lite catering provided by Kitchen Cray, Jaleo Spanish Restaurant and Chipotle.

The atmosphere of the event was very welcoming and the space allowed for everyone to appreciate the beautiful creations of local artists displayed all around the room. We mingled and networked with a variety of area vendors form varying industries pertaining to skincare, jewelry, real estate and self improvement. We ran into artist and writer, Ally Lee who shared in brief conversation that she was in the process of publishing her first book, “The Girls Guide to War”. We also had the opportunity to converse with 24 year Navy veteran, Stacy Lauren who shared her inspirational story on starting her handmade jewelry line.  Mingling with guests and vendors we eventually found ourselves in a corner chatting it up with business owner, Marci H. Marci shared insight on her former career as a retail buyer for department stores and how through that experience she was able to make the decision to start her own business.  Marci also expressed how being a business owner allowed her to have control of her schedule and provided her more time to spend with her daughter.

Through out the evening everyone had a great time engaging and learning about each others brands. There were also phenomenal speakers that shared how to become a social entrepreneur and  gave awesome tidbits on how to properly network. If you missed out on this event you missed out on an amazing opportunity to learn and build. We caught up with the CEO of Charm THEM and got her thoughts on the entire event.

As a result of all the participating vendors and guest, Charm THEM  was able to donate $500 to the Arlington Arts Alliance. Look out for more to come from CharmTHEM events.

Photography by: Third I Images

Fusion Fashion Show: The Valley Vintage Launch Event

On Thursday, Feb 27th myself and fellow team member Genesis attended the Fusion Fashion Show presented by the Valley Vintage boutique. The event was hosted by local late night TV host, Queen Charis. Look Lounge provided a good selection of appetizers and entrees to hold guests over while they waited for the show to start. Fusion was the perfect name for this event. The fusion between the elegant surroundings of Look Lounge and the models in daring vintage designs with vibrant colors, gave a unique vibe to the event. When models weren’t ripping up the runway, local musician,”KO” (Kahli) serenaded the crowd with his falsetto.


We spoke with boutique owner Chantree Williams and got some brief insight on her brand:

Can you tell us more about your brand and the inspiration for starting?
First off let me say the event is truly amazing. I find vintage clothes from all over the United States and sell them online, I alter them and make them a little more modern sometimes. My online store will be up an running next week. My inspiration is my grandmother; seeing her closet when I was younger intrigued me.

Who would you like to see wearing your garments?
I want everybody that goes against the grain to wear my clothes, someone who sets their own trend, vintage lovers, and people that create their own style.

What words of advice do have for other up and coming business owners?
I would tell other aspiring business owners not to let making money be the only thing driving their business. Have a passion for whatever it is you’re providing to the consumer and always stay professional.

The Fusion fashion show was a fun and lively event but the night wasn’t only all about the fashion and modeling, it was also about supporting young entrepreneurs as well. There were vendors selling different things including Jewelry from Trunk Show Boutique. To support Chantree and view more items from the show visit

Runway Photo Credit: Mario Herring @Dnimnwoym (Instagram)