September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month

sicklecellmonthSickle Cell Awareness Month is a national initiative kicking off this month that helps raise awareness about a condition affecting more than 100,000 individuals living in the United States and millions more worldwide. September is the targeted month designated to bringing  more awareness to the issue in the hope of not only informing individuals but encouraging them to help raise funds to eventually find a cure. 

Sickle Cell Disease Occurs in 1 out of every 500 American  African births and 1 out of every 35,000  Hispanic American births. Sickle Cell trait occurs in approximately 1 in 12 American Africans.



What is Sickle Cell Disease?

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is an inherited blood disorder that affects red blood cells. The main purpose of red blood cells is to transfer oxygen to the body.  Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that carries the oxygen. People with sickle cell disease have red blood cells that contain mostly hemoglobin S, an abnormal type of hemoglobin. Sometimes these red blood cells become sickle-shaped (crescent shaped) and have difficulty passing through small blood vessels. Sickle shaped blood cells are stiff, sticky and rigid cells that impede the flow of blood through the bodies blood vessels causing individuals to have moments of excruciating pain, which many refer to as “being in crisis.” When this blockage occurs blood cannot reach the different parts of the body and in turn damages tissue. As a result,  this damaged tissue is what leads to many complications for individuals living with this condition.


We can’t stress enough the importance of sharing the information on Sickle Cell and how much of an impact just knowing more about the condition can have on not only a family but communities as well. Awareness and education make all the difference that is why we want to take this chance and stand in solidarity with individuals living with this condition by sharing the knowledge with everyone. Therefore please share the Street Intell and get more people involved. Visit for more ways to help.

For some informative and inspiring stories check out Sickled Sisters, a blog shared by two women personally affected by sickle cell and pulmonary hypertension. Both dedicated to the advocacy, awareness and support of individuals with chronic illness. Join their journey by clicking the image below






ARTivism: Confronting Mass Incarceration Through Art [Video]

Tony Lewis, Jr. is a dedicated community leader, philanthropist, mentor and avid advocate for the under served citizens of Washington, DC.  For several years he has been organizing community initiatives dedicated to supporting those in need. He has used  his and resources to be the voice of the people by creating organizations like Sons of Life that uplift, build and advocate for young black males. He has tirelessly working in the streets using his platform and network (DC or Nothing) to propel the concerns of DC constituent to the forefront.

He is dedicated to sharing his struggles and acting as a conduit for success for so many people living in the District of Columbia, especially young black males and ex-convicts. We shine a light on him because as a true Street Intellectual he is dedicated to uplifting his community through action and empowerment. Along with Mark Thomas, Mr. Lewis has created a new campaign using the visual medium of photography to help share the stories of individuals connected to loved ones that have been affected by mass incarceration.

Check the videos out, leave a comment and as always share the Street Intell.





Former Mayor, Marion Barry Pens New Book “Mayor for Life” and Holds Downtown DC Book Signing

Community Advocate, Civil Rights Activist and Former DC Mayor, Marion Barry held a book signing event on Tuesday at the downtown Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The event was your standard book signing event but the Barnes and Noble staff did a wonderful job of keeping the crowds of people organized and moving. As people trickled in for the 6PM signing many of them were anxious to meet with the former Mayor. One lady I spoke to was so excited that she had actually left her office earlier that day just to purchase her copy of the book and return to work; she stated how she wanted to be certain that her book was signed. Another young lady had purchased multiple copies for herself, her grandmother and mother.

As time progressed on past the hour, crowds of patrons poured into the second level of the bookstore. While waiting, I was drawn into several different conversations with people from all around the DC metro area. I spoke with one woman from the Eastern Shores of Maryland. She told me how she had traveled across the Bay bridge with her great grandnephew just to bring him to meet the illustrious Mayor. She boasted about how they’d been practicing a firm handshake and she even instructed her nephew (who appeared to be maybe 5 or 6 years of age) to “give her the Barry-shake, y’know the one you’re going to give Mr. Barry.”

When the former Mayor finally arrived, one by one supporters lined up eager to shower him with Thank yous and celebrate the release of his latest book. I linked up with a few supporters from the event who graciously shared their thoughts on the Mayor and why they purchased his book.

Chesley S.

“I came to get the book because I believe he has transformed DC and he is really a leading African-American figure in this country. I admire the work that he has done for everybody and I feel like he has placed people before himself. He is truly an inspirational figure for myself and I know for many others in Washington, DC and afar.”


Keijon W.

 “I grew up in DC, born and raised in North East so he’s been my “Mayor for Life”, basically. Plus my Aunt and everybody wanted the book so they sent me down here to get them.”

Dorset L.

“I purchased the book because he is the “Mayor for Life”, you have to have his book. A book about the person who basically helped grow this city. I love him, and people need to know what he did for the people of Washington, DC. Regardless, if it was black, white or whatever; it didn’t make a difference, he was always there for the people. Washington, DC stands for the people and he stood for the people. Regardless of what the situation was he was there for you. [Longtime DC resident] I’m from NW Washington, DC and I remember when he was with his first wife, Mary Treadwell. My family was apart of the PRIDE program and worked with him on his campaign.”

Patrick C.

“I’ve been in the city [Washington, DC] for 35 years and I think Marion Barry is one of the greatest politicians of my lifetime.”

Everyone I had spoken to shared the same sentiments of admiration and gratitude for the impact Mayor Marion Barry had made, not only in their lives as individuals but within their communities as a whole. I strongly believe that the greatness of a city is found in its people and the people are a reflection of their leadership.

The people have spoken and Mayor Marion Barry is indeed DC’s “Mayor For life.”

Freed Man Resentenced to Serve 98 Years in Jail After Being Released

The prison industrialized system is alive and well. Rene Lima-Marin is a devoted father and husband currently serving a 98 year sentence behind bars, after a court filed clerical error was found in his case.

Freed for 6 years after serving 10 years of a 16 year sentence, Rene Lima-Marin vowed that he would never return to jail. Upon his release in 2008 Lima-Marin served out the remainder of his six years on parole without violation and successfully completed it in April of 2013.

In January 2014, a judge ordered Lima-Marin to return to prison and serve out an absurd 98 year sentence.

For what?!

That is the question on everyone’s mind. If Rene Lima-Marin has already done the time for his crime then he deserves the right to live freely with his family. What’s really going on here?

We all know that art sometimes reflects life but this 98 years a new slave mandate is pushing it too close and simply unacceptable.

View more of Rene’s story below and help bring him home by signing his petition here.

#BringBackOurGirls : Rally for Change Expected to take Place at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC


20140506-072244.jpgThe abduction of 234 young girls on April 15th by militants from the Islamic terrorist organization of Boko Haran was reported late last week as it appeared no one cared. However through the power of social media; countless endearing souls banned together to support the girls by spreading the word through use of the viral hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.

Since the April abduction of the teenage girls from their school in the city of Chibok; many people around the world have stood behind this international call to action by bringing awareness to the deadly and despicable act of modern slavery. Through the use of the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls citizens in London, New York and Nigeria have all used social media as a tool for social change and raised their voices in disdain at the Nigerian government’s in action in the location of the 200 some girls still missing. It has since been reported that some of the young girls may have already been sold into the sex trade as “brides”.

The pursuit of justice continues as constituents from DC, Maryland, and Virginia plan to rally today at the Nigerian Embassy to further push the issue for immediate action in locating these girls. The Rally will take place 10am-1pm outside the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 3519 International Court, NW , Washington, DC 20008.





05.03.14 |Dark IS Lovely, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Women’s Expo


The Second Annual Women’s Expo is bringing together professional, entrepreneurial and all around phenomenal women —Walking With A Purpose— to engage in an exciting time full of networking opportunities, shopping with vendors and informative speakers. Street Intell will be providing exclusive media coverage at this event. Tickets are free and can be confirm via Eventbrite. There will be a $5.00 suggested donation accepted at the door that will go towards continuing the efforts of the organization and supporting the Dark IS Lovely mentoring program.

Ladies prepare your business cards, reserve your ticket today and we will meet you at Dark IS Lovely, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Women’s Expo!

Dark is Lovely, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Executive Director, Adoma Adae. The vision of the brand is to encourage positive self-imagery and support young girls through mentorship, networking and workshops. The organization has been committed to the Northern, Virginia community through provided HIV/AIDs awareness workshops for the youth and a variety of other events focused on uplifting individuals.


A Message from the Founder:
Adoma AdaeI was inspired to start this organization after my first trip back to Ghana, West Africa in 2007. While there, I met a group of women who had bleached their skin. I didn’t understand why someone would put their health at risk or permanently damage their skin to feel beautiful. After I returned, I conducted some research and discovered that many other groups of women—and men—of color, domestically and intentionally had bleached their skin for various reasons. That knowledge motivated me to launch the Dark IS Lovely movement; where I sought to bring awareness to the issues of Colorism and Self-Acceptance.

Dark IS Lovely, Inc. was launched in March 2011 with the aim of making individuals aware that there is nothing wrong with having Dark skin tones and that we all should learn to accept and love who we are. My goal is to help young ladies and women understand that loving yourself is not something that can be taught, yet it’s something that is learned as you grow through life. I encourage everyone to reject the media’s definition of beauty and define their own true beauty but most importantly do not allow your skin tone to determine your worth!

Adoma Adae

04.26.14 |The Public Defender Service (@PDSDC) is Offering a Day of FREE Services for Ex-Cons and Ex-Offenders



The 2014 Community Reentry and Expungement Summit  is geared towards ex-cons and ex-offenders, especially those who have non-violent/drug offenses, with criminal records in DC. The summit will precede the career and social services fairs scheduled to take place later this summer and fall. This event is an opportunity to assist individuals in breaking through legal barriers hindering their access to advancements in the job market and education.  All who wish to participate must register by RSVPing. For further detailed information contact April Frazier, Esq. at


Celebrate National Financial Planning Month with Appeal, Inc.


As announced by President Obama, April is National Financial Planning Month and the beginning of the 2nd quarter for many businesses. It is also another opportunity for individuals to spring into gear, asses past spending habits, build and start anew.

Dive into Appeal, Inc.’s Financial Literacy Workshop series, going on now until May 24th.

There is no better time than the present, to make smarter decisions and earn up for the turn up!

Workshops are held Saturdays from 10:30AM-12:30PM at the Thurgood Marshall Center 1816 12th St, NW Washington, DC

Fees: First time attendees and Appeal members are FREE; Only $10 for all others.

Invest in yourself by registering for any of these classes and be sure to drop us a note below telling us about your experience. And as always, keep sharing the Street Intell!

For more detailed information on Appeal, Inc. and other services they provide click here.