04.17-04.27 | DC Film Fest 2014

The DC International Film Festival is an annual celebration of international films from across the globe. The festival explores the work of prominent filmmakers of newly released, award winning and experimental films; many of which highlight various things such as socio-political topics and varing global lifestyles. The Filmfest kicked off its 28th season last Thursday and will run now until Sunday, April 27th. This year marks the last and final chance for patrons to experience a myriad of great international films. Check out a few of the featured films below:

Wednesday—April, 23rd {6:30PM} Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema

7235 Woodmont Ave. Bethesda, MD
Take Metro Red line to Bethesda Metro station.

Friday—April, 25th {6:30PM} Landmark E Street Cinema

 Saturday—April, 26th {6:30PM} Landmark E Street Cinema

555 11th St. NW
Metro: Red, Orange, or Blue Line to Metro Center. Theatre entrance on E Street between 10th and 11th Streets

This year’s festival is full of movie premieres and special events like ‘discussions with the directors’ and some other free events. Festival tickets are $12.00 and sell out fast so be sure to make your purchase online via MissionTix.com , by phone or at any of the designated theatre box offices. Movie screenings will be held at various locations throughout the city, for further information and full film listings visit filmfestdc.org 

Celebrate National Financial Planning Month with Appeal, Inc.


As announced by President Obama, April is National Financial Planning Month and the beginning of the 2nd quarter for many businesses. It is also another opportunity for individuals to spring into gear, asses past spending habits, build and start anew.

Dive into Appeal, Inc.’s Financial Literacy Workshop series, going on now until May 24th.

There is no better time than the present, to make smarter decisions and earn up for the turn up!

Workshops are held Saturdays from 10:30AM-12:30PM at the Thurgood Marshall Center 1816 12th St, NW Washington, DC

Fees: First time attendees and Appeal members are FREE; Only $10 for all others.

Invest in yourself by registering for any of these classes and be sure to drop us a note below telling us about your experience. And as always, keep sharing the Street Intell!

For more detailed information on Appeal, Inc. and other services they provide click here.

DC | 04.19.14 |VT Remembrance Race 2014 honoring 32 lives lost at Virginia Tech

32 VT Fallen

April 16th, 2007 is a  day many southwest Virginians, the Virginia Tech community and the  personal connections to the 32 victims will remember for a lifetime. This month join in the celebration of the 32 Virginia Tech students lives by signing up to run 3.2 miles around East Potomac Park (Haines Point). The Race begins at 8AM, for more info or to  sign up to participate in the 2014 VT Remembrance Race click here.

All proceeds from the race will go to Active Minds, Inc., a non-profit focused on mental health advocacy for young adults.  They are a student based advocacy organization that works to combat the stigma of mental illness, encourage students who need help to seek it early, and prevent tragedies such as suicide and harm to others.


Nick Cannon Causes an Internet Uproar Over His “White Face” Persona, Connor Smallnut

In anticipation of his April 1st Album release for White People’s Party Music, Nick Cannon decides to dress up in all white skin and parade around asking random people questions.

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Some argue that this is reversed racism and a double standard. Others see no harm in it, as comedians such as Dave Chappelle and the Wayans brothers have gained much success doing the exact same thing.

What are your Thoughts? Chime in below.






Photo Credit: @NickCannon | Instagram

Kanye & Kim Cover the April Issue of Vogue Magazine

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, April 2014
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, April 2014

Just last month we highlighted fashions’ new “it girl” Kendell Jenner and we even made reference to the potential of her making the cover of Vogue magazine before her eldest sister, Kim Kardashian. Well this past Friday, Kim and her fiancé Kanye West set the record straight and appeared front and center on Vogue Magazine’s April Issue, beating Kendell to the cover.

In anticipation of their up and coming wedding, KimYe pulled together an exquisite shoot for Vogue magazine; which turned out to be a lovely family affair. They both posed in designer garments, serving up an entire plate of sensuality; all while gushing over their beautiful daughter, North West.


Covered in Controversy:

Now you know it just simply wouldn’t be Kim and Kanye without a bit of controversy. Many people have been excited for the pairs Vogue Cover but a few “fashion connoisseurs” have been raving and ranting about this unexpected pick. Fashion crazed Vogue fans and a few celebs have found it rather odd that the couple would be chosen to cover Vogue magazine. Many have even chastised the couple via social networks claiming that “they bought their way onto the cover”. 

However you see it, they are currently the most talked about couple when it relates to being on top of the fashion game. Personally, I think this was a strategic move by Anna Wintour and well played I might add. Whether people like it or not everyone is tuned in and focused on Kim, Kanye and more importantly, Vogue Magazine.

What are your thought? Chime in below.



Credit: Vogue.com | Instagram