The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked off earlier this weekend, April 11th-13th and continues April 18-20. If you aren’t able to make it out to the fairgrounds no worries the fine people over at Coachella have blessed the world with a live YouTube Stream equipped with  3 different stage selections for each day and particular act. Nothing beats the original experience but enjoy a taste of the 2014  festivities here!


Current Vibes: @AlejandroChal | Ballroom Riots

Dope new artist out of LA, Alejandro Chal.

Get into what sounds like a heavily 90s inspired mix.

Lost in the Shadows so far is my personal favorite, I can easily see it being amplified in some DJ’s club mix or bringing life to any haute runway performance. Anyways enjoy for yourself and leave your comments below.

Check out the official Ballroom Riots video:

A.CHAL – Ballroom Riots Music Video from Remote Forest Films on Vimeo.

Connect with A.Chal on Twitter: @AlejandroChal Instagram:@A_Chal and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/achal.music

Current Vibes: @Kelelam | Cut 4 Me (Mixtape)

Recently featured on Solange Knowles debut record label release album “Saint Heron”. Kelela is creeping up from behind a silk curtain of sultry sounds wrapped in remnants of edm and r&b. Get your whole entire life right off this mixtape by fading into these tracks and remember to share your thoughts below.

Journey into the depths of the DC underground arts movement #TheSanaaProject

It is ever so often that a generation of people come along and spark the flame that in turn transforms an era. Seldom do you encounter movements on the cusp of greatness. However, what we have here is the birth of what is soon to be a cultural phenomenon; The Sanaa Project.

Speaking with Sanaa DC curator Yaya Bey she expressed that “The Sanaa project is a community network of people who want to contribute to their generation… she wants people to feel inspired and feel like they have a say in what happens around them. Not only is the Sanaa project a platform for self expression it is a tool used to empower the youth.”

We first encountered the project on a personal invite to Sanaa House party 4. Check out our street team clip of the experience:

We’ve been fortunate to be taken along for the ride and look forward to Sanaa’s future growth and expansion. Dive into some video recaps and complementary interviews as the Sanaa tribe explains further what the Sanaa Project means to them.

Thank you for tuning in to Street Intell TV! For updates follow the Sanaa project on Instagram @theSanaaProject and we’ll keep you updated here on the latest Street Intell.

Current Vibes: @justSZA [[Fresh out the TDE camp]]

You’ve seen her pretty face featured on our Instagram reposts for her fresh and saucey street stlye but this natural gem is more than just a pretty face.

Glide into the vibes of SZA and make sure you stay up on the the newest signee emerging out of the TDE camp.

Connect with SZA on Twitter/Instagram: @justSZA and Tumblr: seeszarun