Kelly Rowland Announces Pregnancy via Instagram!!!


After weeks of fan speculation, hiding her baby bump under flowing shirts, high-waisted slacks and bulky gowns—the newly married R&B singer has finally announced that her and new hubby, Tim Witherspoon are indeed expecting!

Congrats Mrs. Witherspoon! We wish her all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Check out her post below:




Chris Brown Celebrates with Close Friends at a Surprise ‘Welcome Home’ Party


3 Days after being released from jail the young pop star is seen being escorted by his current girlfriend Karruche Tran into a private  pool side celebration filled with close friends.

Check out more photos below:

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Photo Courtesy: Instagram


***Breaking News*** [Video] Solange Violently Attacks Jay Z in Elevator at Met Gala After Party


Say it ain’t Solo!

Sadly, according to the  reports from TMZ, Jay Z was captured in a hotel elevator survellience video being attacked by Solange Knowles —the sister of  his wife, Beyoncé .

Check out the video obtained by TMZ below to see what all went down.

 Updated 05/13

Extended Video:

This appears out of character for sweet Solange and we wonder what could’ve set the usually cool and calm songstress ablaze.

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13-year-old Willow Smith Captured Laying in Bed with 20-year-old Moisés Arias, Controversial or Not?

Quirky, independent and full of character—much like her parents—13-year-old Willow Smith has always been a mini rebel marching to the beat of her own drum.

Earlier today, the above candid shots were posted on Arias’s  Tumblr and Instagram and quickly made their way around the internet causing quite the stir.

Many people seem to be taken back by the images of 13-year-old Willow laying in bed —unbothered— with the shirtless 20-year-old looming in the background.

Although the images appear compromising, in my honest opinion there’s clearly no real cause for alarm.

Obviously people have forgotten that Willow has the right to be a girl and hang out with the boys, whether they choose to wear clothes or not.

People have jumped to the worst possible conclusions criminalizing the Smith family and dear Willow.

But if anyone follows the Smiths they would know that Moisés is good friends with not only Willow but her older brother Jaden, as well.

Moisés Arias is an actor known notably for his role on the Disney channel as Rico opposite Miley Cyrus in the hit TV series Hannah Montana.

It’s evident the young star enjoys photography and often uses images to express his creativity through snap shots of himself and the individuals around him.

Do you think these images are controversial? Chime in below.


Bidding War: Sean Combs out bided by Jennifer Lopez for FuseTV acquisition

20140407-092032.jpgOn Last Friday the English-language cable network NuvoTV, supported largely by Jennifer Lopez, dropped a whopping $226 million dollar bid and acquired FUSE TV over hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Combs and Lopez were among several bidders for the Madison Square Garden’s (MSG) Fuse cable-TV network, however it came down to a head to head match up between the former couple. As recently reported Combs made a bid of $200 million for the network and was looking to convert Fuse into his newly launched RevoltTV. That move would’ve allowed Combs to expand RevoltTV’s distribution and take advantage of over 70 million viewers that it would reach. Lopez and NuvoTV’s new acquisition will help in the networks aim at reaching more viewers in the American Latino market and beyond.

Music superstars, Jennifer “J.LO” Lopez and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs were involved romantically, dating mostly in the late 90s to early 2000s [1999-2001]. It is evident that J.LO received more than a love connection from the mogul. No longer little “Jenny from the block”, Lopez has learned a thing or two from being in the entertainment industry. She has grown musically and even landed a prime time spot as a celebrity judge on 20th Century Fox’s hit show “American Idol”. J.Lo continues to expand her brand and is quickly advancing her empire. Salute to her and NuvoTV on landing this new deal!



Combs announced his name reversal last month in anticipation of his new album, MMM. Therefore he is now the artist formally known as Diddy.

Lupita Nyong’o is the New Brand Ambassadress for Lancôme!!!

Academy award winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o is lighting up more than the big screen this year. She has been granted the duty of being the new ambassadress for Lancôme. We are overjoyed for her and salute the Lancôme brand for celebrating her beauty in this newly formed partnership.

Kelis (@IamKelis) Announces New Cooking Channel Show & Drops Visuals for Jerk Ribs Single


In anticipation of her album ‘Food,’ Kelis has provided visuals for the newly released track Jerk Ribs which premiered earlier today. Even though the song seems to have nothing to do with food, this American singer-songwriter and certified chef isn’t going to leave us hanging.


Kelis announced yesterday that she will host a new series; “Saucy and Sweet”. The show will premiere Wednesday, February 26th on the Cooking Channel. The title of the series seems befitting of this award winning songstress and we are looking forward to seeing another side of Kelis as she showcases her culinary skills.

We can only guess what Kelis will be cooking up in her kitchen. Anyone else hoping for her infamous milkshake recipe? Drop your favorite dishes below.

Source: Photo Credit: IamKelis (Twitter)