Dave Chappelle’s Newly Added Radio City Tour Slots to Include Musical Guest Appearances

DaveCurrently on tour, Dave Chappelle has added 3 additional slots to his exclusive tour next month in New York.

All five original shows previously scheduled sold out as soon as they became available.

Now it appears Chappelle may be gearing up to throw a mini block party at Radio City Music Hall.

He’s added 3 more shows all of which will feature performances from legendary acts such as The Roots (June 24th) , Janelle Monae, Busta Rhymes, DJ Premier (June 25th) and Erykah Badu (June 26th).

Many of the artists set to perform were apart of Chappelle’s originial 2006 Documentary, Block Party.

Yeah we already know what you’re thinking, ‘Where has this bamma been?’

LOL well ask no questions just be sure to get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Chappelle again on stage.

Keep an eye out for tickets Here. General admission pre-sale tickets go on sale June 2nd.






Nick Cannon Causes an Internet Uproar Over His “White Face” Persona, Connor Smallnut

In anticipation of his April 1st Album release for White People’s Party Music, Nick Cannon decides to dress up in all white skin and parade around asking random people questions.

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Some argue that this is reversed racism and a double standard. Others see no harm in it, as comedians such as Dave Chappelle and the Wayans brothers have gained much success doing the exact same thing.

What are your Thoughts? Chime in below.






Photo Credit: @NickCannon | Instagram

Trending | President Barack Obama Featured in Viral Sketch Comedy Interview with Zach Galifianakis

As everyone knows President, Barack Obama doesn’t shy away from using a little humor to convey his messages. He shares in light-hearted verbal sparring with Zach Galifinakis as he uses this skit as a plug for the Affordable Care Act.  This is a running theme for the president and first Lady as they’ve both used celebrities such as Beyoncé, to push forward initiatives and appeal to younger audiences.

What are your thoughts? Have you signed up for the Affordable Care Act? If not, as the president expressed you have until March 31st.

Marlon Wayans Launches New Comedy Website WhattheFunny.com


With advancements in technology and more people on the go, the way we consume information is rapidly changing. Thus more companies and individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of being an internet based brand. Actor, comedian and producer Marlon Wayans understands this all too well. Best known for his roles in movies like the cult classic “Scary Movie”, “White Chicks” and the prominent “Wayans Brothers” TV series; Marlon Wayans has had us laughing out loud for over a decade.

In his latest venture Wayans uses his experience in entertainment and media to carve out a new way of reaching his audience. Alongside FunnyOrDie.com’s co-founder Randy Adams and a few others [WTF Sudios Inc.] Wayans has launched a new online video platform, WhatTheFunny.com. Through this new venture Wayans has boldly taken on the task of reshaping and uplifting the online urban comedy market.

WTFunny is a platform dedicated to generating and featuring original content centered on comedy. WTFunny brings together comedy from rising stars to create multiple episodic programs that feature top tier writing, production and talent. They also operate as an avenue for online comedians to advance by capitalizing off of shared direct advertisement sales. The brand has already recruited a few of our favorite new faces in funny, including Virginia based comedian, TopRopeZeus.

This seems to be a promising new venture for Wayans and we’re curious to see where the brand goes as it takes off. Speculation is swarming but Whatthefunny.com may soon become the go to destination for urban comedy. However the tables turn, we certainly look forward to the growth of this new comedic network.

Source: Humormill Photo Credit: Biography.com

@ISSARAE Started from the Bottom of YouTube now She’s there *Points North*

Instagram evidence.. BOOM!

Where is there, you ask?
Up on HBO… (and let every awkward black girl scream: What??!!!!) Yes, Girlas!!! Issa done did it now. LOL

Instagram and the internet confirms (lol yes, that’s the new news, act like you know) that Issa is teaming up with Larry Wilmore to produce an HBO comedy series centered around all things Issa; black, awkward and a girl.
Gone are the days of emailing and calling your girlfriends to find out which day on eastern standard time or Cali clocks you were tuning in to see the next episode of ABG. Issa has been making ground breaking moves; starting with securing a network transition of the ABG series over to Pharrell Williams’ channel: I AM OTHER. She even landed a deal with Shonda [Shonda Rhimes] on ABC, she appeared on MSNBC,  the cover of Essence Mag and inside of Rolling Stone, Forbes and countless other publications.

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If you’re and avid fan of Issa and her antics you know just how big this is for not only her but every black or brown girl or guy with an ounce of quirkiness in them. Issa took our unforgiving thoughts and social missteps and parlayed it into a masterpiece of comic proportions. Giving us classic characters like her “bestie before testies” CeCe, her arch nemesis Nina and who can forget that baby ass voice *bleep* Darius LOL.  Issa’s ingenuity has afforded every brown skin girl another pass to be unapologetically brilliant and most importantly … Awkward. She’s a shining example of what a lot of creativity and courage can produce.  Excited to have a piece of comic relief that overshadows the stereotype of the angry, black, woman. After all, ‘bitches be trippin’ off jokes, too. LOL

Salute to Issa Rae and may her brand live long and prosper. Let’s take it back to where it all began: