Women’s History Month Spotlight: Yulia Brodskaya

                                                                    Simple Complexity.

Paper always held a special fascination for me. I’ve tried many different methods and techniques of working with it, until I found the way that has turned out to be ‘the one’ for me: now I draw with paper instead of on it.

There isn’t anything complex about paper and glue yet illustrator, Yulia Brodskaya, has used her creative genius to construct intricate and vibrant 3-dimensional pieces using paper and glue, these same elements have quickly garnered her international recognition. Having over 100 pieces in her collection she has worked for big names like: Oprah, Starbucks, Godiva, Bentley, Niemen Marcus, Hennessy, Target and several others (To name familiar US companies). Born in 1983, making her just over 30, she began working as a graphic designer and illustrator in 2006 and quickly left graphic design for her real passion. She accrued over 100 clients within 5 years. If there were any woman illustrators worth highlighting it would be Yulia. Her attention to detail, the meticulous nature of the pieces, her vibrancy of color and emotion all come across clearly in her work. Each piece quite visually pleasing, her work became a muse of inspiration:

I see the culmination of emotion from a lifetime in your face like a tree that has stood the test of time. With lines that circle the trunk round and round so too do the lines on your face tell a story…they tell a truth: Our perception of reality happens in dots and lines and with care and attention we can craft a beautiful reality that celebrates our experience in all of its colors. So be like Yulia, bravely stretching the bounds and lines of art, the bounds and lines of life.


Dannielle Cayard is a poet, vocalist and free spirit who uses her creativity to guide her audience deep into the corridors of her beautiful mind.

She is also a Mousai House member and Written Expressions contributor.




Women’s History Month Spotlight: Film Director Sanaa Hamri

Sanaa Hamri, the daughter of a Moroccan painter and author(Mohammed Hamri), had a goal to one day become a successful actress.  She worked throughout her secondary school years to make her goal a reality, and upon applying for college, received a scholarship to study theatre at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.  After she completed her last year or so studying acting in Paris, she moved to Manhattan and began to pursue her dream in one of NY’s biggest cultural and economic centres.  After struggling with the harsh realities of auditions and unemployment, the actress decided to try her luck with directing instead.

She taught herself editing using an Avid machine and a manual, and discovered she had a talent for putting stories together using imagery.  Her first major breakthrough came when one of her associates – Malik Hassaan Sayeed – impressed by her talents, showed one of her early works  to Mariah Carey, who eventually hired Hamri to direct one of her videos.  She has since gone on to direct many more music videos, for not only Mariah Carey, but Jadakiss, Kelly Rowland, Prince, Jay-Z, Eric Benet, Nicki Minaj, and more; in time becoming one of the most highly recognized female music video directors in the industry.

After her career with music videos had gained her enough notoriety as a director, Sanaa branched into directing feature-length films such as “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” in 2008 and Queen Latifah & Common’s “Just Wright” in 2010.  In an interview with a Sarah Lawrence College publication Hamri says, in the future she wants to continue in her career making more films…  specifically about ‘daily life in the world of her birthplace Morocco, and about human beings who are in conflict and struggling to understand themselves’.  With a catalogue containing such emotionally compelling and reflective works, such as the visuals to Kelly Rowland’s “Stole”, Jay-Z’s “Song Cry”, Nicki Minaj’s “Fly”, and Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said”, the artist will continue to be a thriving inspiration and example to up-and-coming video directors to “think before you act”.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present to You… Sanaa Hamri.



Malik Carter is a freelance photojournalist and budding MC who performs under the stage name, Primary Element.

He is also a Mousai House member and Written Expressions contributor.




Independent SciFi Film Preimere: Signals 2

Here at Street Intell we appreciate all aspects of the arts including film. Therefore the street team ventured out to Arlington, Virginia to view and capture interviews with award winning independent writer/director/producer/actor Carlos Etzio Roman of Roman Picture Studios. Find out more about the film and Carlos below:

We truly enjoyed the film and were able to interview a few of the main actors and actresses in the film including one of the lead villains and TC Williams graduate, Carla Renee.

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