3 Ways to Conquer Your Fears and Live Your Dreams

FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real.
Anyone else remember this grade school acronym?

Well that’s exactly what fear is. No matter how small or large your fear may appear, you CAN conquer it! Here’s how:

Do something you’re scared of.

Do the things you’re scared of. Crazy statement, right?! No. The number one way to conquer a fear is to confront it. Please don’t go trying insane things that put you or others in harms way. But do your best and try to face even your smallest fears head on. Slowly expose yourself to what makes you feel uncomfortable until it becomes more familiar.

Forget about it.

Forget how scary that thing is and retrain your brain to think about the positive and optimistic points of what you fear. Our thoughts enhance our reality. You ever notice the more you think about how scary something is the more tense you get? Well challenge yourself to take a deep breath and turn your brain off. Focus you attention on the things that give you strength and keep you calm. Mind over matter.

Connect with fearless people.

If you are having trouble harnessing your inner strength then connect with fearless people. Observe their habits and even ask them how they stand up and face their fears. You become the people that you align yourself with.

You’ve gathered these small tips ,but before you go any further in conquering your fears you must first understand the power of your purpose. You have to know what you’re here to do. The notion of finding ones purpose is imperative to your success as a person. And this knowledge of self is what makes it is okay to try. Try out as many things as you need and fail as many times you can, until you recognize what your purpose is. As my great Aunt Thelma always says, “Nothing Beats A Failure, Better Than A Try.”

Fear is all about control and once you master yourself you will begin to realize the things you feared were conquerable all along. You have to let go of those fears in order to achieve the impossible. Take these tips into consideration and go out there and be great!