Israel’s strick new immigration policy against migrant Africans ignites wide spread protests. |#StreetIntell #WorldNews

Increased arrests and aggressive measures towards African migrants have been going on for weeks now since the issuance of the December 10th  law by Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The law allows for the detention of migrants without trail for up to one year. Many migrants or “infiltrators” as the government calls them are illegal residents seeking asylum due to conflict in their homelands. Majority of the migrants are said to come from Sudan, South Sudan, and Eritrea.

At the Tel Aviv rally. January 5, 2013.
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The Israeli government has been rounding up illegal immigrants and requesting that they report to various holding camps such as Holot, an open detention facility in the Negev.  The new aggressive response to the influx of African migrants is said to be border control but is beginning to look a lot like ethnic discrimination by the Israeli government. Many of the migrants are simply demanding the right to live and work in the country as they await their asylum bids to be processed. I presume that the Israeli government must feel that migrants pose a threat to their demographic identity because the nature of the state of Israel was formed solely for Jewish nationalists.  However, it appears to me that the migrants simply want just treatment and for the government to understand that they don’t wish to stay they simply need a safe place to live and work until order is restored in their homeland.

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In response to Israel’s actions thousands of migrants all across the state have staged multiple peaceful protests demanding recognition of their basic human rights.  Many of which are also participating in a 3 day strike from work which has attributed to the temporary shutdown of some local hotels, stores and cafes.  According to the Sydney Morning Herald this is reported to be one of the largest rallies ever staged by migrants in the Jewish state.

For the 1st time in 100+ years it is snowing in Egypt and other parts of the middle east (yes we said it, SNOW) #StreetIntell #WorldNews

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A light dusting once or twice isn’t unusual for the area but according to the weather channel  since Friday this rare winter storm has produced a remarkable amount of precipitation down in the lower elevations. This is attributed to a slow moving upper level low pressure system that is wrapping moisture into the air. The system is just cold enough to bring out heavy snow over parts of Israel, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Quite unusual for the sandy and dry  climate especially since they often receive little to no rainfall in the  region.