GemPhones CEO, Kelli Meade Gives Us the Fashion Behind Consumer Electronics

"I just want to bridge the gaps of lifestyle, fashion, and electronics in the CE industry and GemPhones is doing that."
“I just want to bridge the gaps of lifestyle, fashion, and electronics in the CE industry and GemPhones is doing that.”

CEO, Kelli Meade is energized by technology and has a natural passion for fashion that fuels her desire to design products that girls like her will go crazy about. Through simple curiosity and research Kelli found that women love trendy and fashionable items but also enjoy the latest gadgets. She also discovered that there was a need for more fashionable tech accessories and decided to make it her mission to re-design today’s consumer electronics. About a year ago, she began creating and designing earphones that she liked to wear and with nine years of working on fashion design, she developed the look and feel of GemPhones. GemPhones was inspired by her love for pop culture.  As a 90s kid Kelli recalls getting excited when new music videos would be released. In these videos is where she saw the hottest fashion and the coolest gadgets.  She wanted to recreate that feeling and expression through GemPhones.

We had the opportunity to sit down with this tech and fashion engineer and gather some more insight behind her latest project and her is what she had to say:

 What is it like being the CEO of a tech and fashion startup?  I’m not a coder, but I have enough knowledge about wireless networking and computer engineering to be dangerous.  But with a tech and fashion startup, none of that matters because I needed technology and I loved fashion.  No matter the type of startup, you should strive to be an expert at what you are creating.  That means investing 10,000 hours into your craft AND industry(ies).  This is my first company and the learning curve has been steep.  I had to learn how to be a CEO, understand important techniques used by successful designers, and quickly become an expert in both the tech and fashion industries. GemPhones keeps me busy, but I wake up thanking my heavenly father for strength, clarity, and the passion he pours into me every day.  I have not worked a day since I quit my government job in September 2013.  I’m simply doing what I love.

Has being a female posed any challenges for you in the male dominated industry of Technology?  Being a female in the tech industry is about showcasing a differentiating point of view and there will always be challenges when presenting a foreign concept in a mature industry like consumer electronics.  I remember chatting with a guy at a tech startup mixer and he was simply amazed at the creativity and uniqueness of GemPhones.  His first reaction was, “It takes a female to come up with an idea like this.”  I will always remember that conversation because in one statement he summed up the value of a female’s perspective is in the technology industry.  My true challenge however is the commitment to sharing with as many little girls as possible that their viewpoints are valuable and wanted, especially in the technology industry.  One of GemPhones goals is to show young girls how cool tech can be.

gemphones 1

What role do you hope Gem Phones will play in the consumer electronics industry?  GemPhones are the very best consumer electronic accessories combined with the most beautiful designs.  With ubran elegance, we introduce imagination and self-expression into an industry whose designs are traditionally dull.  For us, design is not just how it looks, but how it works and feels as well.  That is what our audience appreciates and that is our role; to give the lovers of music and fashion a product in tech.


Gemphones 2Give at least 2 easy style tips for consumers looking to accessorize with Gem Phones?

#1 Side body chain: For fun, flirty girls, GemPhones looks great as a side body chain.  Wear a pair of your best skinny jeans, a baby T-shirt, and attach your GemPhones to your mobile device.  Slip your phone in the back pocket for a super cute side body chain look. This look is a GemGirl fav!

#2 The wrap necklace: Not using GemPhones?  Want to keep the gorg set of GemPhones on?  Unplug your GemPhones, snap the earbuds to the back of neck, then wrap the lower half of the beaded cord around your neck once.  You’ve just created the ultimate conversation piece.  People behind you will ask “Is that your earphones?” and people in front of you will compliment your necklace.  Plus it’s ridiculously functional.

What is your Street Intell? The streets have been making tech and fashion look good ever since the boom box was beating on our shoulders in the 1980s.  GemPhones is bringing back that feeling.

GemPhones Specifications:

• Built-in Microphone

• Two button remote to answer/end calls or play/stop music

• Replaceable silicone earbud covers

• CE and RoHS Compliant

• Noise Cancelling

• Nylon thread braiding “no tear cords” for cord protection

• Cord Length: 1.2m

• Jack Size: 3.5mm

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