**Breaking News** Ciara reveals that she is indeed pregnant!


During her appearance on the view earlier today she confirmed her not so “secret” pregnancy. There has since been speculation spinning around town after her October engagement to Atlanta rapper, Future. Rumors seriously kicked into high gear when she appeared in Atlanta at a charity event a few weeks back with her fiancé and a fresh maternal glow.


Ciara’s fashionista catalogue has been stamped with her signature tomboy style with a mix of intense sex appeal. She’s known for showing off her exquisite physique and rock hard abs so there was no doubt in viewers minds when she started showing up in garments that were less form fitting and revealing.


Beyond it all she has done well in staying true to her fashionista flare. She has appeared countless times dressed absolutely flawless and chic wearing her pregnancy quite well. Congrats to the couple and we look forward to seeing and celebrating the new celebrity bundle of joy.






Still deciding what to wear this season? Well, ‘fall’ into the trends with @DistinctivStyle

BW Pillows Sofa 2Fall is in full swing and so is the fashion. As most of the world is coming down off of their fashion week highs, many brands have already unloading their Fall’13 collections. Here at Street Intell we enjoy following fashion and we especially adore people with a great sense of styling it. Therefore, we caught up with this week’s guest blogger, Erica Joi and decided to get a bit more interactive by taking you all past our typical interview and on a mini tour through a few fall fashion trends.
We met up with Erica a few weeks back in Nordstrom [Pentagon City] and got to know a little bit more about this vibrant Virginia belle. Erica is a bright and intelligent person who studied fashion in college and decided to take her passion a step further by jumping into corporate styling. She’s professional wardrobe stylist turned blogger.
It was a pleasure sitting down with her as she expressed how she started DistinctivStyle.com. She says originally it was a place to showcase her work in an online portfolio. But after careful consideration, it became more of a blog and tool that she uses to inspire women’s wardrobe decisions; as well as chronicling her personal styling journey. She likes to share what she knows and what she has learned therefore, it’s easy to see how she continues to expand and evolve her brand. We sat back and let Erica do her thing as she shared her Street Intell and affinity for style. Enjoy the videos below!

“It is so hard these days for up and coming stylist to have somewhere to go for inspiration and motivation therefore I wanted to create DistinctivStyle.com to become not only a go-to fashion site of what to wear, but also a site where anyone could share in my passion for styling.”

September Style Feature

September featureName or Alias: Yana B.

INSTAGRAM (or Twitter): Instagram:@lovefashion1st
Twitter: @stylestamped


ASPIRATIONS: My aspirations are connected to style, fashion, fun, and advocacy. My short term goal is to be a successful fashion blogger, and in the sense of success I mean, successful in my eyes. I also aspire to be a fashion stylist and image consultant to a larger audience. As far as advocacy is concerned, as a Lupus survivor of over 20 years, and a kidney transplant recipient of 14 years, I aspire to be a voice and face for persons suffering with Lupus and kidney failure through volunteer work, speaking engagements, and personal contact. My long term goal (but not too long) is to be a published author with a New York Times best selling book.

HOBBIES: I love to blog, [www.stylestamped.com] it’s my newest hobby and what I spend most of my spare time on. I have always loved to travel, and I can’t wait to visit Europe. Of course shopping is a favorite pastime of mine…as well as reading good novels, both fiction and non-fiction. One of my favorite books is “The Glass Castle,” I love the writing style of the author Jeannette Walls and her story is incredible. I also paint with acrylic and write when I can.

STYLE INSPIRATION: I let my mood decide my style. I am inspired by clothing designers who use detailed and intricate garment construction and dramatic details that make an item stand out. I also love clothing that fits well. Clothing that fits well is key! I get inspired in thrift stores and consignment shops. I love buying items that are not in mass production or hand-made. I am inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood’s dramatic designs. Pairing drama with street style can be a perfect combination! One of my favorite stores is All Saints.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: I do not have just one favorite accessory but I have many pairs of shoes! I like statement jewelry and do a lot of pairing and mixing. I like to stack chunky bracelets of all different shapes and designs on one arm, or wear multiple necklaces at a time. I like to mix silver and gold. I just like whatever will complement my style.

WHAT’S YOUR STREET INTELL: I believe that God has a purpose and a plan for us all, and once you tap into your true purpose, nothing can hold you back! Having a relationship with God is the pathway to a happy, successful, and fulfilled life. I try to focus on that at all times and that is what drives me to be the best that I can be in everything that I do. I see fashion and I create style. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do that, and do it well!

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: My style varies. I like to bend the rules. I like to be a surprise, and I like to be organic. I don’t over obsess on trends, or concern myself much with designer names. I like whatever makes sense to me at the time. Overall my look is edgy, classic, sexy, original, and sharp.

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