2014 Oscars: The 86th Annual Academy Awards Airs this Sunday


This Sunday, March 2nd marks the celebration of the 86th Annual Academy awards. The celebration will be hosted by talk show host, comedian and dance machine, Ellen DeGeneres. We’re really  hoping with her spunk and good humor that she will help liven up the sometimes dull awards show. Some big films are up for nominations this year including American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club, Her, Philomena, Nebraska and Captain Phillips. What we can’t wait for though are all the red carpet looks. Plus we’re sure everyone’s dying to know what Oscar nominee and Hollywood’s new red carpet starlet, Lupita Nyong’o will be wearing.

What movies and/or actors and actresses are you excited to see win this year?




The Human Torch: Michael B. Jordan Lands New Role as Johnny in Reboot Fantastic Four Movie


Michael alongside Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman), and Jamie Bell (The Thing) have been selected to play the lead characters in the new Fantastic Four reboot. 2oth Century Fox appears to be adding a modern twist to the cult classic; unfortunately a few die hard Marvel comic fans were not pleased.20140221-185432.jpg

Comic fans took to social networks last week tearing apart the cast. Some were simply unhappy with the choice of actors, claiming that they do not fit the actual images of the comic book heros and would ruin the classic American story. Others ragged on the individual stars stating how Teller is too silly and young to be Mr. Fantastic, Mara isn’t even blonde and Michael B Jordan is black. For the most part, fans are highly concerned with how the story between Sue Storm and her brother Johnny Storm will pan out. In the comic, Jordan’s character (the Human Torch) and Kate’s (the Invisible Woman) are siblings. Yes, it is evident that Jordan isn’t a blonde hair, blue eyed; Caucasian boy but should that matter? He is an actor and regardless of the characters color that shouldn’t take anything away from him playing the role. Michael’s casting transcends the Hollywood color barriers and gives the young actor a chance to showcase his charm and youthful bravado, as he will need it to play the boisterous prankster: Johnny Storm.


We find it disheartening that fans have come down so hard on the cast and Jordan especially. The whole point of being an actor is to act and clearly some people do not understand the definition of reboot. Let us help bring some clarity by defining the word. According to Wikipedia when referencing serial fiction, to reboot something means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and back story from the beginning. Regardless of what social critics say the cast of actors are an interesting twist that will provide a new and stimulating vantage point. We’ll just have to see how the reboot pans out, until then congrats to the new Fantastic Four!

What are your thoughts on Jordan playing the Human Torch? Chime in below.

Blurred Lines: Filmmaker Nadia Sasso explores the challenges of being African and American in her new film ‘AM I’

DMV native of West African origin, Nadia Sasso is an independent filmmaker, writer, director, social entrepreneur, and award winning community leader. This 24-year-old luminary is currently a graduate student at LeHigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; pursuing a master’s degree in American Studies with a concentration in African Studies and a certification in Documentary Film .

As apart of her thesis documentary she has crafted a phenomenal film (alongside cinematographer, Corey Packer) highlighting the struggle of truly being an African and American. In the film ‘Am I’, Sasso and Packer embark on a journey to bring the African diaspora to the forefront, by sharing the stories of 6 different women treading the thin lines between their American ethnicity and African cultures.

We’re looking forward to the official release coming soon later this spring [or summer] and will keep you all updated on the dates and screening locations. In the meantime preview the ‘AM I’ trailer below:

In a brief phone interview with this emerging filmmaker we received a bit of insight on what impact she feels the film will leave with her audiences. Sasso expressed that she hopes the film will enlighten people by shining light on the complexities of being caught between two different worlds. Through this film she also hopes to build more understanding of African cultures in Americans and migrating immigrants by opening up the dialogue. No matter if you’re from West Africa or Washington, DC Sasso wants to cultivate better African relations. Everyone will take away something different but Sasso hopes that her film will leave a lasting impression and impact the lives of Africans in a positive and inspiring way. If you wish to support Nadia’s efforts you can contribute to the film’s campaign by donating here.


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October Style Feature

First ran into Lotus at the DC house party series Sanaa. Dressed in all black like an omen he instantly drew me in with his allure. Upon finding out more about him, discovered that he is an aspiring artist who writes and performs in and around DC. He’s hosting a show coming up on October 3rd as apart of the “Jungle Fever” party series at Tropicalia DC. Go check him out!

Name or Alias: Lotus Malone


ZODIAC SIGN: The guardian of balance… Libra

ASPIRATIONS: To be one of the best storytellers/performers in the world; whether music, film or Television.

HOBBIES: Words [love the power of words], whiskey, and shoes.

STYLE INSPIRATION: My floor, Homeless people, Keith Richards, Slash, Daphne Guinness, Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Grace Jones, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and Solange Knowles.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: Rings, Hats, Boots …gotta have my Boots!

My Street Intell is life and people. Watching how we tick, how we move and feel. How we are all connected. And showing that connection through my art. I am performance artist. I have such a passion for my Art. So whether theatre, film or music (rapping/singing), that’s my voice. I am in this world to speak loud, speak my truth and if others can relate possibly speak for them too. My generation has so many stories. I want to tell them all. Like wanting to ball out but you know you have to work a double in the am and rent is due. Performing from the people for the people. Right now, I’m writing music, perfecting this form of story telling. I am working on my first Mixtape and the working title is “Conversations” . Out of all the art that I’ve done to date; I’m so excited about this project. It’s personal; these are my stories, my friends stories, what we go through and how they are all so cohesive even though we are from different walks of life. Basically, it’s a story of how we do the shit we do.
I’ve been in the theatre and acting since I was the 3, my mom says since the womb. So I’d like to get back into it once my “Conversations” project is released… So stay tuned!

Honestly, I don’t have a description for my style. I just do what feels natural. So that everyday tells a story.

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Independent SciFi Film Preimere: Signals 2

Here at Street Intell we appreciate all aspects of the arts including film. Therefore the street team ventured out to Arlington, Virginia to view and capture interviews with award winning independent writer/director/producer/actor Carlos Etzio Roman of Roman Picture Studios. Find out more about the film and Carlos below:

We truly enjoyed the film and were able to interview a few of the main actors and actresses in the film including one of the lead villains and TC Williams graduate, Carla Renee.

Visit Street Intell TV to watch more interviews and get more of the Street Intell.

Living HERstory: Carla Renée

Here at Street Intell we like to spotlight people doing extraordinary things in and around the DMV area. We want to encourage you all to support Mademoiselle Phenomenal as she makes her way to the big screen. She has a tremendous story of overcoming and conquering cancer 3 times and it is refreshing to see how she has made it to this point. Join us as we help her and the rest of the cast members celebrate the release of Carlos Roman’s Sci-fi action thriller, Signals 2. Click the image below to connect with Carla Renée.

Carla Renée

Air force veteran, entrepreneur, teacher, performance poet and actress; a true renaissance woman.

We will see you all this Saturday at the Movie Premiere. Line for tickets forms at 9:30 and the film viewing is at 10:00 am.