**Event Alert** 01.15.14 @FunkVolume artist @DizzyWright live at the @HowardTheatre|#StreetIntell #DMV

Dizzy Wright is the hottest thing coming out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The streets and internet have been buzzing about him for sometime now. It’s  apparent that he can hold his own because this young hip-hop artist was just last year stamped by XXL mag. He premiered as one of the rappers featured in their 2013 Freshman class. It isn’t hard to see why. Get into his music below and make sure you check him out live at the Howard theatre.

Dizzy will be performing on Wednesday, January, 15th beginning at 8PM  (EST) at  The Howard Theatre 620 T Street, NW • Washington, DC 20001.  Doors open at 6pm. Grab your tickets for the show here.


Thursday Music Video Mash Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Instagram music video mash up! To Keep with the R & B theme we chose a classic throwback  jam; Erykah Badu ft. Common – Love of my life. Although it is an ode to hip-hop it makes for one darn good R&B love song. Enjoy!

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Meet this weeks featured bloggers: @Apleasing Anna & Genesis! College students with an eye for all things Aesthetically Pleasing

Anna and Genesis of Aesthetically Pleasing



We first ran into these lovely bloggers back in July out gathering Street Intell at the 2013 Naturalista Hair show. It’s seldom that you meet genuinely nice people. They had a positive aura about them that instantly drew me in. And as the universe would have it, I’ve ran into 1/2 of the combo (Anna) on 3 different occasions.

It’s simply been a pleasure to meet them and find out more about their bond of sisterhood. I encourage you all to check out and support their perspective on all things Aesthetically Pleasing.

Who are Genesis and Anna?

G: Genesis is one half of this fabulous duo. I’m a loving daughter, sister, and friend to many as well as an artist, photographer, blogger, music, fashion, and art enthusiast, avid day dreamer, and future world traveler to name a few.

A: I am an average human trying to navigate my way through youth. I am a writer by nature, a music aficionado, internet addict, and an admirer of all things eccentric, cultured, and creative. I have a terminal case of wanderlust and curiosity and share my bouts with this fortunate infliction with anyone who will receive it.

What inspired you all to start Aesthetically Pleasing?

G: We loved the idea of working together and uniting our creative intelligence to possibly build our own brand. Anna and I had so many things in common (fashion, music, politics, etc) it was just natural for us to unite. We wanted this blog to be a platform for sharing our work, dreams, interests. Aesthetically Pleasing has been in the making since sophomore year of high school and is still growing. We love our baby.

A: We definitely realized early on that we each had and similar passions, ideas and that if we combined our own sets of talents, we would be a force to be reckoned with. The blog was a perfect platform for us to showcase our work together and upon really positive responses, we knew we had a great formula to really make things happen.

What are some of the main messages you want to send to your followers?

G: Do what truly interests you. Anna and I innocently started this as a hobby and as we matured and began discovering our true interests and talents we realized that we loved blogging. We envisioned this “hobby” becoming bigger than what we imagined and decided to do something with it witch was a scary yet exciting risk for us. You have to take risks and step out of your comfort zone to realize your dreams. We also want our followers to find joy in learning, sharing, and creating. Anna and I share a passion for a multitude of things and we’ve been able to transfer these interests on a blog. Without our deep interest in learning and sharing Aesthetically Pleasing would have never existed.

A: Be your passion and live vibrantly. When you share your passions you never know who you can connect with. Our friendship is a great example of that but even through having the blog we’ve met so many other creative and inspiring people who have really related to what we do, and that’s a comforting feeling.

Are there any major milestones you’ve encountered as bloggers?

G: I’ve feel more comfortable identifying myself as a writer and blogger. I was nervous about publishing my own writing for the whole world to see. The thought of others possibly critiquing my work and/or intelligence and talent scared me. But in these few months I’ve grown as a writer and feel confident with my work in general. It’s all been a work in progress and I’m loving the results.

A: The feedback we’ve been getting from followers and readers has been great. We put a lot of thought into what we do, we don’t showcase our art to get responses from others but it’s encouraging to see people who respect what we do and really rock with our creation.

Where do you all plan on taking your brand?

G: I don’t think we could fit all our ideas in one paragraph, lol. Anna and I dream BIG. We want to solidify our brand, become household names, collaborate with other talented writers, artists, stylists to create a brand focused on sharing each other’s creative talents and helping others do the same. We’ve spoken about doing several other things in terms of fashion and beauty. Just know that we’re shooting for the stars.

A: We want to be established names in the content areas we write about.Genesis and I are aspiring professionals in our areas of expertise (writing, art etc) so we want this blog to progress as our skills do. We have a lot of ideas up our sleeves that we are meticulously working on behind the scenes. APleasing is not a 2 dimensional concept so we can’t wait to take it beyond the internet and manifest it as a brand, product, and, most importantly, lifestyle.


Thursday Music Video Mash Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Instagram music video mash up! Here’s Ice Cube’s “It was a good day” to keep with the West Coast Hip hop theme and because you all deserve this for struggling so hard. LOL Enjoy!

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