DC | 04.19.14 |VT Remembrance Race 2014 honoring 32 lives lost at Virginia Tech

32 VT Fallen

April 16th, 2007 is a  day many southwest Virginians, the Virginia Tech community and the  personal connections to the 32 victims will remember for a lifetime. This month join in the celebration of the 32 Virginia Tech students lives by signing up to run 3.2 miles around East Potomac Park (Haines Point). The Race begins at 8AM, for more info or to  sign up to participate in the 2014 VT Remembrance Race click here.

All proceeds from the race will go to Active Minds, Inc., a non-profit focused on mental health advocacy for young adults.  They are a student based advocacy organization that works to combat the stigma of mental illness, encourage students who need help to seek it early, and prevent tragedies such as suicide and harm to others.


Solange, Erykah Badu and Ledisi share the May ’14 cover of Essence Magazine

Solange | Essence May '14

It’s evident that over the last few years increasingly more American-African women have been seeking better and healthier lifestyles. As these women begin to take back control of their bodies and social images, we’ve seen a rise in positive promotions focused on their health and wellness; many of which are showcased in various publications such as Essence magazine. For a lot of these women, the positive representation has helped foster not only the transition away from unhealthy daily habits; but an increased awareness to no longer use harmful skincare and beauty products. This elevated consciousness has sparked a natural hair revival among American-African women, which resonates strongly within their communities. And this is in turn a reflective identity of pop culture icons such as Erykah Badu, Solange and Ledisi. Salute to Essence Magazine for these 3 lovely features.

Erykah Badu | Essence May '14

Ledisi | Essence May '14

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Today is the last day for Open Enrollment in @ObamaCare

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
For all uninsured Americans today is the last call for open enrollment in Obama’s new healthcare marketplace. Every American must be insured and if not they are subject to pay some major penalties. Make sure you’re covered!

Visit HealthCare.gov to enroll now.






Photo Credit: [AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais]