Dorothy Dandridge : A Star on the Rise

Dorothy Dandridge was a woman of magnificent beauty and extraordinary talent, who dreamed of one day reaching the upper echelon of Hollywood as an dramatic actress. In 1954, that dream came true when she was cast as the lead in Otto Preminger’s Carmen Jones, the first all-black musical filmed in Technicolor. Not only was the movie a success, but Dorothy received acclaim for her portrayal of Carmen Jones, becoming Hollywood’s first African American dramatic female movie star. She was also the first African American woman to grace the cover of Life magazine.
On February 12, 1954 Dorothy received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, making her the first African American actress to receive such an honor. On March 30, 1955 Dorothy attended the 27th Annual Academy Awards with her sister Vivian. The night was a historic one for many reasons. Dorothy was not only the first African American woman nominated for Best Actress, but also the first African American actress to present an award.

Though she did not win the Oscar, Dorothy captivated the hearts of the country, and symbolized the hopes and dreams of African Americans everywhere. With the tremendous success of Carmen Jones, one would assume Dorothy Dandridge would remain one the top actresses in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Hollywood was too focused on her skin color instead of her talent. Three years pasted before Dorothy starred in another film. In 1957, she appeared apart of an ensemble cast in the movie Island in the Sun. She starred in other movies including The Decks Ran Red (1958), Tamango (1958), Porgy and Bess (1959) and Malaga (1960), but none received the acclaim and garnered the popularity of Carmen Jones.
As Diahann Carroll said, “Dorothy Dandridge should be the most successful movie star in the world, but she was a black woman at the wrong time.” She captivated the world with her beauty, and amazed audiences everywhere with her undeniable talent . Most importantly she inspired and blazed the trail for generations of actors and entertainers. Though her influence doesn’t end there. It’s broad enough to reach just about any and everyone including me. Dorothy dared to dream big, and accomplished what seemed virtually impossible during the 1950s. Her dreams our now our realities, and I am forever grateful.



M. Williams is a guest contributor and curator behind the @DandridgeLove Blog.

Williams has always had a great love and admiration for Dorothy. When she realized that so many in this generation didn’t know who she was, or the rich legacy she left behind. She started an Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr in hopes of increasing awareness about her life and legacy. Williams’s goal has always been to uplift the legacy of Dorothy Dandridge, by acknowledging her triumphs as well as her trials. Dorothy has opened the door for so many women especially of color. Williams believes it is our duty to celebrate her because not only did Dandridge break down countless barriers but she has inspired others to do the same. M. Williams hopes in time Dorothy’s legacy will not only be more widely known, but truly appreciated.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting!

Only just a few short weeks ago the couples engagement was confirmed by ENews. Now everyone’s beloved TV couple from ‘That ‘70s Show’, (Jackie and Kelso) are going half on a baby! Congrats to the couple on both the engagement and soon to be new arrival. This will be both Kunis and Kutcher’s first child.

Secret Lovers: Who is Lupita Nyong’o’s New Beaux?

Lupita Nyong'o, Jared Leto
Lupita Nyong’o has been on everyone’s radar since her back to back award winning spree. Now that award season has calmed, many people have turned to Lupita’s personal life as a new source of fascination.

Rumors instantly flew off the shelf at what many hoped would be a budding relationship between her and Dallas Buyer’s Club star Jared Leto.

Sadly, no fairytale Oscar couple there. Turns out Lupita and Jared are indeed really just friends; friends who enjoy a healthy platonic relationship consisting of pranking the world.
Yep they fooled us all. Well not necessarily because they never actually confirmed anything, lol.

Not to worry, all hope isn’t lost for young Lupita. According to US weekly Nyong’o has been secretly dating Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan since September. Oop!
If you aren’t familiar, K’naan is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist known notably for his 2010 multi-platinum world cup song, Wavin’ Flag. K’naan uses his music and influence to inspire change by bring attention to the plight of individuals living in the African diaspora.

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Do they make a cute couple?

Lupita Nyong’o Most Awe-Inspiring Speech

Break out star and red carpet phenom, Lupita Nyong’o has captivated us all with her style and grace. On Sunday, the world watched as she accepted the prestigious Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film ’12 Years A Slave’. She gave a heartfelt acceptance speech and expressed sincere gratitude and reminded us all that “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

Although powerful, in my opinion, Lupita’s Oscar speech wasn’t the most impactful speech given, to this date.

Last week she was honored at the Essence Magazine ‘Black Women in Hollywood’ event and it was there she gave an more profound and awe inspiring speech on beauty and acceptance.

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The Human Torch: Michael B. Jordan Lands New Role as Johnny in Reboot Fantastic Four Movie


Michael alongside Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman), and Jamie Bell (The Thing) have been selected to play the lead characters in the new Fantastic Four reboot. 2oth Century Fox appears to be adding a modern twist to the cult classic; unfortunately a few die hard Marvel comic fans were not pleased.20140221-185432.jpg

Comic fans took to social networks last week tearing apart the cast. Some were simply unhappy with the choice of actors, claiming that they do not fit the actual images of the comic book heros and would ruin the classic American story. Others ragged on the individual stars stating how Teller is too silly and young to be Mr. Fantastic, Mara isn’t even blonde and Michael B Jordan is black. For the most part, fans are highly concerned with how the story between Sue Storm and her brother Johnny Storm will pan out. In the comic, Jordan’s character (the Human Torch) and Kate’s (the Invisible Woman) are siblings. Yes, it is evident that Jordan isn’t a blonde hair, blue eyed; Caucasian boy but should that matter? He is an actor and regardless of the characters color that shouldn’t take anything away from him playing the role. Michael’s casting transcends the Hollywood color barriers and gives the young actor a chance to showcase his charm and youthful bravado, as he will need it to play the boisterous prankster: Johnny Storm.


We find it disheartening that fans have come down so hard on the cast and Jordan especially. The whole point of being an actor is to act and clearly some people do not understand the definition of reboot. Let us help bring some clarity by defining the word. According to Wikipedia when referencing serial fiction, to reboot something means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and back story from the beginning. Regardless of what social critics say the cast of actors are an interesting twist that will provide a new and stimulating vantage point. We’ll just have to see how the reboot pans out, until then congrats to the new Fantastic Four!

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Current Vibes: @Pharrell | Happy //World’s First 24hr Music Video//

It is well known that Pharrell is a musical genius; from production, song writing to rapping but he is also the master of great aesthetics. He delivers on this ideal once more with the first ever 24 hour music video: Happy. Constructed for the Despicable me 2 soundtrack; Pharrell has created an atmosphere of joy that resonates through out the song.

Happy is the kind of track that will make anyone want to get up, dance and sing along. This is evident with every person that is featured dancing along to the tune in the video. Below is  just a segment of the full feature.

However, If you are up for the challenge check out the full 24hrs of Happy here and drop a comment below to let us know how you liked it.