@TheRealDavidBanner Drops New Short Film Series, Walking with Gods

dbMississippi rapper/producer/activist/writer David Banner unveiled a short film series a few weeks ago. We’re excited for the action packed super-hero series called, WALKING WITH GODS.

We’ve seen the likes of every super hero imaginable from homer’s odyssey and tons of other mythological adaptations of the same story, from all points of the world. However no one has ever tried to tell a story from an African perspective. David Banner has struck a positive cord by creating not only a black super hero but one that draws directly from the ancient African view point.

It’s rare to see any African centered points of view in the media so it is refreshing to get a dose of history infused folklore. Simply clever how Banner incorporates African history into modern setting to create an intriguing web series. Undoubtedly, Banner understands the importance of media and it’s influences on the people. We appreciate this bold representation of positive black imagery and look forward to supporting the movement.

Check out the first installments of the series below:


Find out more on David Banner below:

Independent SciFi Film Preimere: Signals 2

Here at Street Intell we appreciate all aspects of the arts including film. Therefore the street team ventured out to Arlington, Virginia to view and capture interviews with award winning independent writer/director/producer/actor Carlos Etzio Roman of Roman Picture Studios. Find out more about the film and Carlos below:

We truly enjoyed the film and were able to interview a few of the main actors and actresses in the film including one of the lead villains and TC Williams graduate, Carla Renee.

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