Denzel Washington Shares an Empowering Speech with Aspiring Young Actors

20140530-131935-47975826.jpgOne of the greatest actors of our time, Denzel Washington is a true master of his craft. This mastery is shown every time he transforms into a character.

Recently he spoke to a group of young aspiring actors about the importance of discipline, consistency, and the power of using your God-given gifts.

“True desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it’s yours already. So the desire you have, that itch that you have to be whatever it is you want to be … that itch, that desire for good is God’s proof to you sent already to indicate that it’s yours. You already have it. Claim it.”

View the video below and share with us, What gifts are you sharing with the world?

Lupita Nyong’o Sips Tea with Fashion and Beauty Icon, Alek Wek

lupita wekEarlier this month, not only did People Magazine graciously present Lupita Nyong’o with the title of “Most Beautiful” person, they opened up a very special moment for the young star at their cover shoot. They made Lupita’s ‘dream come true’  by introducing her to her living inspiration and iconic international supermodel, Alek Wek.

It was back in February at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon that Lupita shared a powerful and awe-inspiring speech in which she mentions Alek as being one of the people that gave her hope in embracing her own beauty. Check out the pair’s exchange below:

3 Ways to Conquer Your Fears and Live Your Dreams

FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real.
Anyone else remember this grade school acronym?

Well that’s exactly what fear is. No matter how small or large your fear may appear, you CAN conquer it! Here’s how:

Do something you’re scared of.

Do the things you’re scared of. Crazy statement, right?! No. The number one way to conquer a fear is to confront it. Please don’t go trying insane things that put you or others in harms way. But do your best and try to face even your smallest fears head on. Slowly expose yourself to what makes you feel uncomfortable until it becomes more familiar.

Forget about it.

Forget how scary that thing is and retrain your brain to think about the positive and optimistic points of what you fear. Our thoughts enhance our reality. You ever notice the more you think about how scary something is the more tense you get? Well challenge yourself to take a deep breath and turn your brain off. Focus you attention on the things that give you strength and keep you calm. Mind over matter.

Connect with fearless people.

If you are having trouble harnessing your inner strength then connect with fearless people. Observe their habits and even ask them how they stand up and face their fears. You become the people that you align yourself with.

You’ve gathered these small tips ,but before you go any further in conquering your fears you must first understand the power of your purpose. You have to know what you’re here to do. The notion of finding ones purpose is imperative to your success as a person. And this knowledge of self is what makes it is okay to try. Try out as many things as you need and fail as many times you can, until you recognize what your purpose is. As my great Aunt Thelma always says, “Nothing Beats A Failure, Better Than A Try.”

Fear is all about control and once you master yourself you will begin to realize the things you feared were conquerable all along. You have to let go of those fears in order to achieve the impossible. Take these tips into consideration and go out there and be great!

Street Intell Rewind: The (@EDOLLA1100) Eli Porter Documentary

In the spirit of Flashback Friday, we wanted to take it back and share the inspiring story of Georgia Rapper, Eli Porter.  In this humbling and well crafted documentary [put together by  Trent Babbington & Walker Warren] we get a closer look into the life of internet sensation, Eli Porter.

In the film, Eli and his comrades  give a rundown on his viral internet rap battle video and he shares his personal struggles on how he perseveres through all the negativity, success and uncertainty. Cheers to Eli for inspiring others to pursue their dreams no matter the circumstance.  Check it all out and tell us your thoughts below.

The Whole Truth

So, we all need an outlet/platform on which we can be/feel completely free to say/type whatever. This will be ours. I’ll pose a question or share a “secret” but you all must answer or follow up, openly and honestly.

In your opinion, what is it about you that would make a man/woman fall in love with you?

Sankofa Byrd

5 ways to stay motivated on your goals throughout the New Year. Read more…


Every year people set out to start the New Year by making resolutions. They generate a list of all the things they want to accomplish, check it twice and about 6 weeks into the New Year that list gets rolled up and toss to the side. Don’t be that list tosser; pin point your goals and stick to them.

Here are 5 ways to stay motivated on your goals this year.

Write down your goals.

It is one thing to mentally say you’re going to do something but committing those thoughts to paper allows you a point of reference. Journal, write on a calendar, or create a vision board to keep track of things and use that as a daily reminder of all you will accomplish in the New Year.

Recruit someone to help you stay on task.

Finding support is crucial to staying motivated. Having an accountability partner or someone to share your struggles with is always beneficial. Don’t be afraid to ask for help however you want to make sure you pick the right person to keep you on task. Don’t pick someone you know will easily distract you.

Pick apart your fears and conquer them.

May sound crazy but knocking out even your smallest fear can help you find the drive to keep pursuing goals. Fear is a major part of what limits our success as individuals but if we identify and tackle our fears we can do anything. Start small and work your way up to the major ones.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Stop beating yourself up about not achieving a desired goal; give yourself credit and approval to be human [this is not a free pass to slack off]. By taking time to celebrate your accomplishments you allow yourself a break and incentive to keep going. Go dancing, treat yourself to frozen yogurt or buy that new book.  Adding stress to achieving goals never helps so take time and appreciate your efforts.

Help someone else.

This does not mean neglect your responsibility or commitment to yourself but often times helping someone else can provide a mini boost in enthusiasm to help in obtaining your goals.

Now that we’ve addressed 5 ways to stay motivated, let’s make some amazing things happen this year. Ready.. set.. GOAL!

Until next time… Street Intellectuals stay positive and progressive!

-Leta F