The People’s Platform: DC Mayoral Forum | Event Recap

Tommy Wells,  Vincent Orange, Rita Jo Lewis, Muriel Bowser, (Incumbent) Vincent C. Gray, Jack Evans, and Andy Shallal
Tommy Wells, Vincent Orange, Rita Jo Lewis, Carlos Allen, Muriel Bowser, (Incumbent) Vincent C. Gray,
Jack Evans, and Andy Shallal

Last Saturday, March 8th, Community Affairs correspondent Carl Holland  attended the DC Mayoral Forum event hosted at the ARC in South East, Washington, DC. The forum was organized to connect the community with the current candidates running to become DC’s next mayor. Carl reported that the event was pretty lively, extremely informative and well moderated by One DC.  Check out more of his recap below.

The DC Mayoral Forum event was an opportunity for each candidate to meet the community and speak on points related to their needs. Upon arrival to the event audience members received two cards; one red and one green. They were instructed to flash the individual colored card when they either agreed or disagreed with any of the candidates statements. The event was moderated by One DC, who did a great job; even when the audience got rambunctious.

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After a round of DC Jeopardy, the floor was opened up to the audience and they got right into the Q&A portion of the program. Everyone, except for the incumbent mayor, (who is running for re-election) had an opportunity to address the audiences questions. Regrettably, the incumbent did not attend the event nor did he have a spokesperson sit in on the his behalf. And the seven other candidates on stage vying for his position wasted no time broadcasting his absence.

Although the forum was meant to give the candidates an opportunity to explain how to solve issues in D.C., many of them focused solely on the problems. The moderator had to keep reminding them, multiple times to focus on the solutions. Candidates who didn’t follow this advice usually received red cards of disapproval from the audience. When candidates did inspire the audience though, they received green cards.


At the end of the day the Mayoral Forum had it’s moments, (awkward, heated, and everything in between), but ultimately turned out to be a great success. The event was necessary and gave the voters of Washington, DC a rare chance to speak with the mayoral candidates face to face. On a side note, the food served by Kitchen Cray was very savory, delicious, and a good compliment to the event. Props to Barry Farms Study Circle, Empower DC, Our DC, DC Working Families, and One DC for putting on such an awesome event!

Photography by: Carl Holland

Serving the community with Tony Lewis Jr., Sons of Life, Kitchen Cray and many more at the #DCorNothing Turkey Drive

Last Saturday at Bar 7, the DC or Nothing team hosted a Turkey Drive  that helped provide thanksgiving meals for families in need living in underserved communities in DC. Upon arrival volunteers were handed off to stations by members of the DC or Nothing and Sons of Life teams. Participants brought bags of groceries bursting at the brim filled with an assortment of canned and boxed items. I was on bagging duties  (in between capturing a few shots) in which I helped organize items in groups along the bar and doubled up bags to be distributed. We developed a great system and I had bags moving like clockwork. The experience was a lot of fun!

It was truly heart warming to see that so many individuals showed up and showed out for the DC community. Most of the crowd was filled with young  career professionals which really excited me. Often times people say that “young people need to get more involved” but their was certainly no shortage of that at this event.

As always, Kitchen Cray came through and did their thing by providing made-to-order omelettes and other food to event volunteers.

Tossed in the crowds of people were a few notable DC taste makers and trendsetters including Elite DC Mag CEO, Anwaa Kong; DJ Mims; VA Rapper, Black Cobain; and DC Socialite, Adria Woods.  The event was great and Kitchen Cray did a phenomenal job at feeding and interacting with guests and volunteers.

 At the close of the event Mr. Tony Lewis Jr. gave a speech and invited everyone to continue the efforts and follow him over to Tyler house apartments to spread more cheer and hand out additional turkeys and bags of food. The Tyler house is a government subsidized community just north of union station that has been ravished with crime and in need of much assistance. I wasn’t able to make it to the Tyler house [because of another engagement] however it is good to see that the community is safe in the hands of Tony Lewis, Jr., Sons of life, DC or nothing and countless others


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