Preservation of Culture: Saving the Katherine Dunham Center for Arts & Humanities in East, St. Louis #STL #StreetIntell

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“The Katherine Dunham Museum houses Miss Dunham’s outstanding collection of symbolic and functional art, including more than 250 African and Caribbean art objects from more than 50 countries. Tapestries, paintings, sculpture, musical instruments and ceremonial costumes from around the world celebrate the human spirit of the Museum. The museum displays costumes, photographs, programs, letters, awards and mementos from Miss Dunham’s career as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer and dance company owner.”
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If you aren’t familiar Katherine Dunham is a world renowned dancer, choreographer, social activist and recognized cultural anthropologist; she is the mother of Afro-Caribbean modern dance. She set the tone for many of the performers we know and love today; there would be no Janet Jackson, Beyoncé or Ciara if not for the dance contributions and choreography style of Katherine Dunham.

Through her anthropological studies and life, Miss Dunham helped guide Afro-Caribbean dance to the forefront of the dance world through out much of the 1930s to late 50s. Katherine Dunham was one of the most gifted dancers of her generation, she stood against the odds and made a name [all over the world] not only for herself but countless other African-American dancers. Dunham wasn’t just a superb dancer but an educator who used dance as a tool to bring about change in the hard streets of East, St. Louis. For many years she taught students ‘movements with meaning’ and built the Katherine Dunham Center for Arts and Humanities as a place that every child, young adult and person could receive exposure to not only dance but an experience in cultural education.

The center is  in fear of closing and looking for assistance. You can help by donating online here or mailing a check made out to

 “Katherine Dunham Centers for Arts & Humanities”

and address it to:

PO Box #6

East St. Louis, IL 62202

For more information on how you can preserve the legacy of Katherine Dunham email or call Leverne Backstrom 618-795-5970 or Ruby Streate at 618-671-2332

Conncet with the Katherine Dunham Center for Arts and Humanities  on facebook.

Independent SciFi Film Preimere: Signals 2

Here at Street Intell we appreciate all aspects of the arts including film. Therefore the street team ventured out to Arlington, Virginia to view and capture interviews with award winning independent writer/director/producer/actor Carlos Etzio Roman of Roman Picture Studios. Find out more about the film and Carlos below:

We truly enjoyed the film and were able to interview a few of the main actors and actresses in the film including one of the lead villains and TC Williams graduate, Carla Renee.

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