Flavor of Fashion: 08.14.14| Tailored and Bowed


Street Intell and Fred Events have joined forces to not only entertain but educate the DMV on a few of the rising trends in Menswear Fashion.

Come out and mingle with some of DC’s most stylish people and experience the different Menswear trends in a mini showcase from a few dapper and chic individuals.

There will be food, drinks and style galore at this event. So make sure you’re photo shoot ready, bring your friends, and prepare to have fun at this exciting and new fashion networking mixer.


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Special Guest Brands include…

DC based image consultant, Norris Phillip has a fresh new take on men’s fashion with his polished yet approachable aesthetic. Norris works with clients to create high fashion looks at retail prices that can carry any gentleman from board room to the lounge in comfort and confidence.

Image consulting goes beyond wardrobe changes, fashion is the first step in Norris’s agency, Shuffle Designs’ image plan. Norris works with you to improve all areas of life by discussing posture, poise, conversation and how to approach the fast-paced, ambitious lifestyle that is inevitable in the DMV.

Want to learn more? Check out http://www.shuffledesigns.net to get started!





bespokeJames Hackley is the owner and Chief Style Officer (CSO) of Bespoke Not Broke. Bespoke is a wonderfully unique men’s boutique that specializes in vintage and upscale resale clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The company was launched to help bridge the economic gap that has always existed between the “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to fashion and style.  Many of the unique items found on the site are directly linked to being owned by professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, lobbyists,  Congressmen and C-level business executives in the Washington D.C. area. However, Bespoke also makes regular trips from coast-to-coast scouring many of the Nation’s best consignment, vintage and thrift stores in search of elusive custom pieces.

Take a further look at http://www.bespokenotbroke.com




nikkiNicolette Orji also known as Nikki Billie Jean is the Founder, Owner & Designer of Billie Jean Bowties and Designs she is also the Editor-in-Chief of the popular fashion blog AllThingsAnkara.com. She is the Nigerian-American designer in charge of Billie Jean Bowties & Designs, an African menswear inspired accessory line that caters to both men, women, and children. Her sense of fashion is inspired from the 60/70s era, her  African roots and celebrity singer Janelle Monae.
Find out more about this amazing stylish, designer and blogger by visiting http://www.nikkibilliejean.com


Style Feature | M. Jachuku O. Howard


We ran an style contest on Instagram a while back with Fashion Photographer, Isaiah Headen and here is our winner of the #SIFashionKiller Contest…

NAME or Alias: M. Jachuku O. Howard

INSTAGRAM (OR TWITTER): Instagram: @Conscious_Brother

ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius

ASPIRATIONS: I aspire to become a fashion icon and creative director that can help influence and make change in the world.

HOBBIES: Poetry, Art, Dance, Technical theater, Soccer and Creating.

STYLE INSPIRATION: Travis Tetteh and Spencer Lee.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: Afrocentric Jewelry

WHAT’S YOUR STREET INTELL: I enjoy the arts, fashion, black culture , poetry and meeting conscious people along side that I have created a local clothing brand to further express myself and make others fresher.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: My Style is a clash between classy and urban with inspiration from all eras in time. My style involves a little bit of my personality therefore time periods are irrelevant when it comes to me looking good.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed being the DMV Fashion Killer. I have incorporated much of my experience into my applications for fashion programs that I have been applying for. Also working with Les Joueurs was a very exciting and fun experience. Their professionalism made the photo shoot go very smoothly. Working with Street Intell has also been a pleasure with all the good vibes that you send.

Photo Credit: Les Joueurs Photography

Pharrell Covers the April Issue of GQ Magazine and Aren’t We Happy!?!

Pharrell Williams has had one heck of a year.. and it has only just begun. With his break out tune ‘Happy’ soaring off the charts and receiving global recognition, this is only a small glimpse of the Grammy Award Winning producer’s good fortune. It has been a long time coming but the world is finally noticing the little Virginia Beach skater for his undeniable musical and cultural genius. In the April issue of GQ, Pharrell shares with Zach Baron the struggles of his journey to what is now the crescendo of his career. He also gets up close and political, sharing his personal views on the 2016 US Presidential race. If you’re interested in reading more about Pharrell’s style and hit-making creativity, click here. In the meantime check out his looks from the new April’14 GQ spread:







Photo Credit: GQ.com x Tumblr

On the Scene: The t’URBAN’ed Sikh man

Jeet Virk of UrbanSardar.com

Most people are oblivious and almost uninterested in other cultures and how fashion and tradition can merge to to create great personal style. Recently, I’ve began to notice a growing trend in more culturally based street style and especially that of the turbaned Sikh man. What I love so much about the turbaned Sikh man’s style is how the traditional turban is used as a statement piece mixed in with modern elements, without letting go of its rich history. As this Street Style trend continues to spread a lot more Sikh men are donning their turbans with a bit more stylish sophistication. Here are a few of my favorites:

urban sardar

Jeet Virk is one half of the popular sikh men’s fashion blog, the Urban Sardar. Along with Surjit Singh, Jeet creates a space of countless fashion inspiration for the turbaned sikh man. Whether it be casual or formal men’s wear Jeet uses his impeccable style to inspire his audience with outfit ideas blending a variety of colors and patterns.




Pardeep Singh Bahra is the creator of Singh Street Style. Pardeep photographs impressive trendy urban Sikhs all across England. He has recently constructed a powerful artistic presentation, entitled Don’t Freak, I’m Sikh to further promote positive and constructive imagery of Sikhs as well as raise awareness on religious equality.

sigh street style



Waris Ahluwalia, designer and actor known notably for his custom jewelry and roles in films like Inside Man. Through the controversy surrounding his 2013 gap holiday campaign with filmmaker Quentin Jones; I was made aware of the need for changing the  perception of the turbaned Sikh man. Although, I may not fully understand the culture and religion I can appreciate these Street Intellectuals for audaciously stepping forward and being who they are.


Sikhism is a monotheistic religion that was founded in Punjab, India in the 15th century. The Sikh religion today has over 20 million people worldwide and it’s ranked the 5th largest religion in the world. Baptized Sikhs are required to cover their hair in a turban. It’s a symbol of honor and dignity.

August Style Feature

Name or Alias: Marquelle Turner

INSTAGRAM (OR TWITTER): Instagram: @marquelleturner


ASPIRATIONS: My short term goal is to become a marketer, brand manager or creative director in the luxury fashion industry. I’m currently studying global luxury management in graduate school. My long term goals are to become an image consultant (Marquelle Turner Groupe), motivational speaker, and published author.

HOBBIES: I’m addicted to movies. I go to at least once per week. In addition, I also love reading. Two great books that I just finished reading were “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi and “The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever by Teri Agins.

STYLE INSPIRATION: Life is my style inspiration. I can spend hours looking at pictures of cars, art, and culture to find ideas of things to wear. I believe that our clothing allows us to have conversations with strangers as we walk by and leave memorable impressions without actually having to say a word. I grew up a shy kid and any chance I was given to not speak was ideal *grins*.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: My favorite clothing item is the blazer. Growing up in a low-income home, I learned the importance of versatility and maximization early on. The blazer is versatile because it can be worn as a part of a suit or business casual look and then paired with jeans (without the tie) for an evening out for sushi. I educate men all the time on transitional wardrobing (from work to play) and multi-seasonal pieces (blazers with pants and then with shorts).

WHAT’S YOUR STREET INTELL: My life mantra is summed up in three words: Pray. Eat. Style. These three words express my commitment to a strong spiritual life, my addiction to food, and of course my affinity for personal style. I believe that we “inhale fashion and exhale style.” Style is very personal and very specific to each of us. It gives us all a unique identifier and I truly appreciate originality.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: My style is a always a mixture of classic pieces with current trends. I’ve always appreciated pomp and circumstance, but I’ve always been a bit unruly. My style, as well as my personality, is a bit of an oxymoron; mixing two opposites together to create harmony.

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