Don Cheadle Begins Production On New Film, ‘Miles Ahead’

Don Cheadle

Miles Ahead, is a new biopic [of sorts] coming from acclaimed actor Don Cheadle, who not only produces and directs the project but stars as the legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis.

Davis who is looked upon as one of the leading innovators of Jazz music; is  a celebrated and iconic figure with a musical career spanning over five decades.

In what appears to be the season of biopics ‘Miles Ahead’ is sure to stand out amongst the pack and what better person to bring this story forward than Don Cheadle!

Cheadle has a true definitive love and admiration for Davis and his work so this is indeed a passion project.

What makes this even more remarkable is that not only has Don dedicated his time to directing and starring in the film, this project is also independently produced.

Yep, that’s what you read, there is no major studio backing the production.

Don Cheadle has breathed new life into the meaning of one of Miles Davis’s epithets as a “Social Musician” by incorporating the modern twist of crowd funding parts of the production.

According to Cheadle began shooting for the film this week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Taking on the task of conveying Mile Davis’s life is not only a bold move but a grand undertaking yet we are certain that Don Cheadle has what it takes to pull it off.

Check out an except from an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which Cheadle expresses how his involvement in the project came to be.

This was something that had been a periphery for me. I never thought about portraying him, really. I had done several other quote-unquote biopics and was always struck by the limitations they presented, because they were trying to be historically accurate. Let’s be honest, any biopic is a series of omissions and conflations of events and amalgamations of characters. And you’re trying to have a movie experience under three hours, so in the process you condense people’s lives from cradle to grave, so things tend to feel episodic and event-oriented as opposed to a story about people and relationships and a character.

So I didn’t want to do another biopic. So when I heard the idea, from various people who had played with him, producers, writers, that this could potentially be something, I thought, ‘if the script is great, I would be open to it since he’s always been a fascinating figure to me.’

And then, in 2008, when Miles was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his nephew was interviewed and was asked, ‘Would you ever do a movie on his life?” He said yes, and that Don Cheadle is going to play him. And I was like ‘I am?’

This film is already phenomenal simply because of its subject and we are curious to see how Cheadle will use his ingenuity and brilliance to explore the life and music of Miles Davis.

Keep and eye out for the film’s debut and as always share the Street Intell.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly