Eminem (@Eminem) ft. Nate Ruess- Headlights

eminem and debbie

Marshall Mathers better known as Eminem has released a surprising Mother’s day track called “Headlights” in which he proceeds to release some of the anguish that has created animosity between him and his mother —Debbie Mathers.

Ironically, the rappers emotional distress and family dysfunction is what many can say has helped mold his career and forever stamped him as on of the GOATs in Hip-Hop history.

In this interesting twist on self- expression, Eminem teams up with noted film director, Spike Lee to create the visuals for “Headlights” telling the story through his mother’s eyes while releasing thoughts that have plagued his mind.

It appears Eminem has found peace with his mom and offers up an apology in this video.

The track is the next single from the Marshall Mathers LP 2, check it out below and tell us what you think.

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks Out About the 200 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

In this week’s presidential address, the first lady honors moms for Mother’s day weekend and highlights the issue of the 200 Nigerian girls that were kidnapped last month.

The first lady goes further into the story on the current issue in Nigeria and the importance of educating girls and boys around the globe; she even likens the missing girls to her teenage daughters.

She closes by encouraging young people to stay committed to their education.

View the address below: