Behind the Brand: The International Natural Hair Meet-up Day (@INHMD)

Adeea Rogers
Adeea Rogers, better known as ‘The Trendy Socialite’, is the visionary behind the world renowned and highly anticipated International Natural Hair Meet-up Day.

Adeea has been a corporate event planner for 14 years and has also managed to plan other exclusive events but INHMD is her biggest endeavor yet. She is currently employed at East Carolina University as the Assistant Director of Marketing for Student Involvement and Leadership.

We had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Adeea as she shared a bit of her personal journey and provided some details on the wonderful things ahead for this year’s event.

Adeea first got the idea for INHMD after attending the 2011 World Natural Hair Show held in Atlanta, Georgia. While there she stated being “over-whelmed, inspired and excited all at the same time.” Although she didn’t know much of anyone there, she shared how the atmosphere emitted a sense of familiarity that made the environment so welcoming. Upon leaving the hair show she took that feeling with her and decided that events like that need to happen in her area. Upon returning home she immediately got to work on providing that experience. She hosted her first couple events and began connecting with other natural hair organizers across the country. It was then she realized that many of them weren’t having the same experience like she had at the World Natural Hair Show. She also recognized that there were many emerging natural hair brands that needed more exposure within her community. So she thought “everyone has meet-ups all throughout the year but how impactful would it be as a community to have them all happening at the same time throughout various cities?” This idea is what birthed the International Natural Hair Day.

inhmd logo 

International Natural Hair Meet-up Day (INHMD) is an annual one-day event where women from across the world come together to collaborate, connect and celebrate the beauty and versatility of natural hair. The INHMD platform was created to provide women —and men, with the opportunity to join together in solidarity to uplift one another through the exchange of information and networking. Communicating virtually through a variety of events held around the world, INHMD provides a unique experience for the entire natural hair community and any healthy skin or  hair enthusiast  to join in.


This year’s events will take place worldwide in 60 US cities and 5 international destinations to include Paris, France; Amsterdam, Holland; Toronto, Canada; Tokyo, Japan and Saint George’s, Grenada. All events are happening on Saturday, May 17th , 2014 at separate times or simultaneously. Each city’s host will  provide a select experience that they would like to bring to the community.


Adeea has dedicated much of her time to teaching and training city hosts on providing more than just another “typical” natural hair meet-up she wants everyone to receive a full bodied experience. Therefore, attendees can look forward to creative events that reach beyond the standard natural hair meet-up. Some of this years events will be fashioned as social mixers with refreshments,  Natural Hair fashion shows, and even an outdoor festival. You can visit INHMD and check out what exciting event will be happening near you.

This year’s returning title sponsor is Koils By Nature, which is led by the amazing Pamela Jenkins.  Attendees of the DMV area event will have the opportunity to meet Pamela as well as Adeea, but not to worry no one will miss out on the excitement because there will be live Tweeting and Facebooking using the hashtag #INHMD throughout the day’s events.

Tickets are still on Sale but moving fast! You can  purchase yours here today.

Adeea has also dedicated this year’s events to a special initiative called INHMD Cares, which is a call to action that challenges participants to think outside the box and give back a small portion of what they have received as a result of being a part of INHMD. For the main initiative Adeea is asking attendees to bring one NEW Natural hair care product of their choice to be donated to either a nursing home, women’s shelter, service member overseas or extended care facility.

The second initiative is as a result of the recent passing of two amazing young women within the natural hair community. Just last month Blogger, Karyn Washington of For Brown Girls and Natural Hair Vlogger, Domineque Banks of Long Hair Don’t Care, passed away at only 22 and 27 years of age. Adeea made it her mission to raise awareness and has instructed every event host to have some sort of informational session with speakers or pamphlets on mental health, suicide prevention and lupus awareness.


Adeea’s Street Intell:

@TrendySocialite“We really want people to know we are concerned about your health. Your mental health, your physical health; we’re concerned about your soul and your mind. You’re more than just a body at an event. I’m really privileged that I’ve been given this platform to show some people the love of God in this tangible way.”
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Solange, Erykah Badu and Ledisi share the May ’14 cover of Essence Magazine

Solange | Essence May '14

It’s evident that over the last few years increasingly more American-African women have been seeking better and healthier lifestyles. As these women begin to take back control of their bodies and social images, we’ve seen a rise in positive promotions focused on their health and wellness; many of which are showcased in various publications such as Essence magazine. For a lot of these women, the positive representation has helped foster not only the transition away from unhealthy daily habits; but an increased awareness to no longer use harmful skincare and beauty products. This elevated consciousness has sparked a natural hair revival among American-African women, which resonates strongly within their communities. And this is in turn a reflective identity of pop culture icons such as Erykah Badu, Solange and Ledisi. Salute to Essence Magazine for these 3 lovely features.

Erykah Badu | Essence May '14

Ledisi | Essence May '14

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[Street Intell Rewind] Santasha’s Style’s presents the 2nd Annual ‘Natural Hair and Body Expo’

On Saturday, October 26th members of the Street Intell street team attended Santasha’s 2nd Annual Natural Hair and Body Expo at the Dumfries Youth Center in Dumfries, Virginia.

Partnered with the Military Natural Hair group Santasha put together a fun filled and educational affair featuring live hair care demonstrations by author and Natural Hair guru Karen Wilson.


The military Natural Hair group  is a group dedicated to supporting U.S. Armed Forces past and present who care about, have or are transitioning to wearing natural hair. They offer a place to share stories, encouragement, experiences, hair styles, regimens, products, and more. Their goal is to support natural  hair journeys and still serve their country honorably.

 Upon arrival to the venue guest’s were greeted by Santasha’s team. Each guest received a swag bag full of goodies. If they participated in the Satasha Quarles program and brought in slightly used or new hair care products [for military personnel overseas] each person received a free Street Intell ‘Good Hair’ tote. During the event guest were serenaded by a live band that provided a nice musical backdrop to the event. Some guest partook in skin care regimens and live demonstrations by Constance Glow.

There were an array of vendors at the event including our dear friends Todd and Vicki from Todd Parson’s earrings. It was great seeing them once more and we’re happy and excited to hear about their newly formed union.

We also interviewed a few vendors onsite to find out a bit about their experiences as business owners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A lot of the vendors were independent distributors of many specialty products. For instances, we spoke to a representative from Seacrets, a brand that specializes in natural body scrubs, sea salt mineral peels, and skin care cleansers. We met and spoke with actor and Martial arts instructor Cliff Cunningham who explained the concept behind  the self defense commercial and brand Deadly dymes. Deadly dymes produces a series of videos showcasing fight choreography that  demonstrates proper safety tactics for women in self defense. Most of the tactics displayed were based on Judo, Tai Chi, Mui Tai (Kick boxing) and other martial arts. Along with promotion of Safety tips Cliff was selling safety kits equipped with pepper spray and  15 million voltage stunt gun.

The 2nd annual Hair and Body expo was a great event and it was nice that Santasha decided to bring that kind of event to the Woodbridge, Manassas and Dumfries naturals. Often times many of them have to venture into DC which sometimes isn’t that convenient. Looking forward to next years event and we want to thank Santasha Quarles and the military naturals group for allowing us to take part in the event.

[Street Intell Rewind] Interview w/ @TarenGuy at #LLYHtourDC !!!

It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with Taren. She has such a great personality and warm spirit. The DC event was packed to the brim with Naturalistas eager and willing to learn how to better maintain and love their hair. The Motions hair staff was a pleasure to work with and provided great support. Back stage in the green room we chatted it up with Taren and waited as the motions hair models and featured blogger panelists got ready. The hair models all looked stunning and their tresses were maintained and transformed by NYC stylist Jennifer Rose.

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Taren Guy is a vlogger based out of New York city, she is one of the leading natural hair [YouTube] vloggers on the internet right now. Since 2009, Taren has been sharing her hair journey and informing women through product reviews, styling tips and personal inspiration. She provides valuable knowledge to her audience that allows everyone to see [through her experience] that it is possible to love and learn your hair. Her love and appreciation for natural beauty has captivated an audience of over one hundred thousand subscribers. She continues to make strides as she tours around the US and abroad. We wish her continued success and look forward to more things to come!

Excuse the mispronunciation of Taren’s name. /Təˈren/ is the accurate pronunciation. Every now and then the immigrant in me slips out. Hope you enjoyed this feature! 🙂

-Leta F



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Calling all Natural Gems: Taren Guy ’s #LLYHtour is headed to the #DMV !!!

In this weeks Street Intell, on October 23rd youTube sensation and noted autism advocate, Taren Guy will be in town from 6-10pm at Lotus Lounge bringing us the Luv & Learn Your Hair event. Apart of a multi-city tour with stops in Chi-town, LA, New Orleans and Houston. Taren has decided to make her next stop in the district.

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Taren is just one of the many power house YouTube vloggers that have been leading the way in the natural hair community for sometime. Her love of hair care and appreciation for natural beauty has captivated an aundiance of over one hundred thousand subscribers. However, we like to think that it is her sweet yet straight forward personality that has propelled her to where she is now.

Since 2009, Taren has been sharing her hair journey and informing women through product reviews, styling tips and personal inspiration. She provides valuable knowledge to her audience that allows everyone to see [through her experience] that it is possible to love and learn your hair; even when it’s “Frizzy”.

Taren is based out of New York city where she resides with her 3 beautiful children. Not only is she a mom and Natural hair enthusiast she is a supreme advocate for Autism.

Recently, Taren founded a non-profit called Faces of Autism dedicated to her two sons Ari and Amari who both have conditions on the autism spectrum. Through her work, she is able to inspire people to take a second look and see the world through the eyes of individuals with Autism. She plans to expand the brand to feature art exhibited by persons with Autism. To find out more about FOA click here

We’re excited to see the newly blonde bombshell and can’t wait to partake in all the exciting things she’s bringing the DMV natural hair community.


Hope to see you all there. If not, no worries you know we’ve got the Street Intell.
Visit to purchase tickets for the event.

Connect with Taren on YouTube and get a glimpse into her world:

Beauty and the Business: Street Intell sits down w/ @KarensBeautiful (Karen Tappin)

We ran into the lovely Karen Tappin a few weeks back at Naturals Night out DC  and were fortunate to get an interview with this vibrant Natural gem. She shared a bit about her journey and provided some kind words of advice for up and coming entrepreneurs. Check out her interview below.


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