The Naturalista Hair Show Went Down 07.28.13 Were You N?

We were so pleased to be N and  apart of promoting the first annual Naturalista Hair Show!!

Crowds of people poured into the Silver Spring  civic building on July 28th. DMV naturals came curious to find out all that the show had to offer. It was nice seeing so many Naturalistas come together to fellowship, learn, share and support one another. 

We were right there gathering the Street Intell  and many event goers commented on how they had looked forward to the different workshops and were excited to meet some of their favorite bloggers/ vloggers during the show.

Guest had an array of selections of hair care, beauty, skin care, jewelry and other vendors to shop with in the vendors showcase area. Participants also had the option of taking snap shots in the photo booth box setup in the lobby. The competition was fierce in the live hair styling battles. Through the duration of the event models were positioned on center stage inside the vendors area for everyone to view and critique the looks. In the competitions for loose hair and locs styling, winners of each received a $300 cash prize and were crowned the 2013 N Hair Stylist.

In the mist of interviewing a few event goers we were able to sit in on a session about protective styling and get tips from local entrepreneur, stylist and founder of the heat free hair movement; Ngozi Opara.

A variety of vendors filled the venue and  we were glad to see so many Naturalistas came out to support. We even got to finally meet the lovely creator of Venus Visuals jewelry.

We brought you the Street Intell on this years Naturalista Hair Show but be sure that you stay touch and catch the Street Intell on next years event.

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Photography/Videography by: Third I Images

The ‘Natural Hair’ revival has made its way to the DMV

For decades, African-Americans (and other races) have struggled with the unanswered questions and frustration of managing their natural textured tresses. From the days of hot combs and texturizers to modern Dominican blow outs and harsh chemical relaxers the challenge of taming the curl has been something sought after by many people. In the past 6 or 7 years there has been a growing desire for many African-Americans in becoming more conscious and self-aware. The beauty that blossomed from that is the push to learn how to take better care and maintain basic beauty and health regimens in organic and holistic manners. Out of that birthed what many know as the “Natural Hair movement” or what we refer to it as the “Natural Hair revival.” Spreading  across the US, in major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta, natural hair enthusiasts have been popping up all over the place. Coincidentally, it is certainly nice to see that the natural hair revival has made its way back into the nations capital..

Just about every where you go now you can see aisles and shelves of hair care products lined in stores dedicated to helping grow, enhance or straighten natural hair. Now the importance of having these products is good but knowing how to use them is the real challenge. However not to worry there are certified brave souls (natural hair bloggers/vloggers) that are kind enough to test out these products and provide a review. That however can be tricky but to take it a step further there are certified natural hair stylists, yes we said it, stylists that specialize in treating your kinky, coiled, and curly tresses. What a beautiful thing to have options!

Speaking of options it is nice to see more people taking note to the importance of hair and health education for people of color who choose to wear their hair in its natural state. The District’s Natural hair community is budding, with tons of different natural hair shows, expos, and events popping up; it is easily becoming a black woman’s [and man’s] dream. Being born with kinky, coiled, or even curly hair doesn’t come with an instruction manual so it’s comforting to know that many people are committed to writing up that Draft.