Breaking News: Actor and Comedian, Robin Williams found dead at 63

Williams and his daughter Zelda| Image via Instagram @therobinwilliams

According to reports from Marin County Sheriff’s office the  63-year-old actor was found dead inside his home around 12 noon Monday.  It was further suspected that the Oscar-winning actor’s cause of death was suicide due to asphyxia. However a more thorough investigation is to be conducted before a final determination is made.

Susan Schneider, wife of Robin Williams released a statement earlier today saying:

This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions”


Robin Williams was best known for his roles in such classic American films like Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and Goodwill Hunting. He’s brought smiles to the faces of many children and adults all across the globe.

Many people are aware however that Williams struggled with depression and alcoholism. He had reported being sober for over 20 years but suffered a relapse late 2005 and checked into a rehab facility last month. We acknowledge his struggles but we choose to uplift his memory and legacy by remembering the joy he brought to countless lives.


What was your favorite Robin Williams role (or film)?

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Kelis (@IamKelis) Announces New Cooking Channel Show & Drops Visuals for Jerk Ribs Single


In anticipation of her album ‘Food,’ Kelis has provided visuals for the newly released track Jerk Ribs which premiered earlier today. Even though the song seems to have nothing to do with food, this American singer-songwriter and certified chef isn’t going to leave us hanging.


Kelis announced yesterday that she will host a new series; “Saucy and Sweet”. The show will premiere Wednesday, February 26th on the Cooking Channel. The title of the series seems befitting of this award winning songstress and we are looking forward to seeing another side of Kelis as she showcases her culinary skills.

We can only guess what Kelis will be cooking up in her kitchen. Anyone else hoping for her infamous milkshake recipe? Drop your favorite dishes below.

Source: Photo Credit: IamKelis (Twitter)

@Pharrell teams up with @GstarRaw to create Eco-Friendly Fashion #RawfortheOcean


Just a few days ago at the American Museum of Natural History, Pharrell Williams along with G Star Raw and Bionic yarn announced their new collaborative collection ‘Raw for the Ocean’. This conscious fashion came as a welcomed addition to all the New York Fashion Week happenings.

Raw for the Oceans is a campaign centered around saving the beautiful aquatic habitats that we all enjoy. The project will be an ongoing initiative to collect littered plastic from the ocean. That material will then be recycled into Bionic Yarn, which will be sewn into denim jeans for the new eco-friendly denim line. The RAW for the Oceans collection in set to hit stores this summer, August 15 to be exact.


Maryland Mall reopens after deadly shooting but questions still linger

COLUMBIA, MD–  25 miles northeast of Washington, DC; in the suburban area of Howard county, on a quiet Saturday morning as patrons moved about the mall’s corridor doing their weekend shopping;  an unidentified gunman opened fire. The sound of gunshots rang out causing shoppers and employees to run frantically towards exits and inside stores seeking shelter. The gun man killed two employees of Zumiez just before turning the gun on himself. Zumies is a clothing, footwear, and accessories store marketed towards individuals interested in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surf lifestyles; located on the second level of the mall. 

Howard county officers have identified the slain store employees as Brianna Benlolo, 21, of College Park and Tyler Johnson, 25, of Mount Airy, MD.  The gun man, 19 year old Darion Marcus Aguilar of College park, MD was found outside the Zumies store and later identified. Aguilar was a straight clean cut, polite young man with no mental health issues or criminal background. There  are still no answers as to why he shot and killed the two store clerks. Authorities uncovered a journal from Aguilar’s home but it is still unclear as to what his motive was.

According to the Washington post, both Benlolo  and Johnson were said to be good people with no reason for anyone to attack much less kill them. Benlolo was an assistant manager at Zumies and a mother of a 2 year old. Johnson was reportedly a shy guy but enjoyed and frequented concerts. There is still no known connection to the gunman and victims.

The Saturday of terror is over and the Columbia Mall reopened yesterday. Many employees have return to work and patrons have made their way out to show support for the victims. Things seem to have returned to “business as usual”  however questions still linger on everyone’s mind, what could have caused such an horrific event? What was Aguilar’s connection to the victims?

Jovial Jaunt: Flying high on Bigotry

This baby wants to come home and live with meJaunt One:

In February 2013, Joe Rickey Hundley [former  president of a division of AGC Aerospace & Defense] was onboard a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta when he smacked a 19 month old child in the face and blurted out a racial slur [“shut that n–word baby up,”]. The slur was directed at an innocent black child (Jonah) whose mother, Jessica Bennett  happens to be Caucasian (which makes… no never-mind).

This loss of decorum and down right ignorant ass action happened all because the toddler was crying as the plane began it’s descent. Which is commonly what most children do because guess what Sherlock?.. your damn ears pop due to the pressure change. So if it annoys adults how do you expect a child feels? Especially at such a tender age when they have not yet become accustomed to such things and cannot fully express themselves verbally.

I don’t know about you all but I was disturbed on multiple levels.  First and foremost in what society is it acceptable to smack a child in the face? Secondly, why would he feel it  is okay to revert to such a sub-standard human belief such as racism when speaking to or referencing a child? And most importantly when will the world start to extend some sort of respect or common courtesy to black children and even better when will they value black lives?

In the court hearings, not only did Hundley’s defense attorney argued the point that her client was emotionally distraught over the removal of his son off of life support; she further added insult to injury by trying to excuse his actions by blaming them on his alcoholism. What exactly excuses that?  Not a thing, not a god damn thing! Yes we have all had irrational moments but this situation in a whole is irrational. None of those are valid excuses for any grown man to attack a helpless toddler.

Hundley admitted to using the racial slur when pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charge of “assault” back in October of last year. But would you believe Hundley only received 8mothns in federal prison?  Honestly this man argued the fact that he was about to loose his child so because of that he asked to be pardoned for smacking someone else’s child? I don’t think so. We all know had Hundley been black and assaulted anyone [much less one of America’s most precious and prized white children] they would have had him buried under the first penitentiary available. He also probably would have been deemed a ‘Menace to Society”.

My point of view may seem jarring and some of you will argue that this is not true but check the great track record of the good ol’ US of A. Have we forgotten the oh so popular George Zimmerman case? Which proved to be one of  the worst travesties in the American justice system to date. People cry out in outrage at stories like James Byrd Jr. [a man that was dragged to death by white supremacists in a pick up truck], but now a toddler that could be anyone of ours sons is slapped in the face and we hear close to nothing about it.

If I ever experience such racism in the skies, you would pray that while that high up the offender would meet their heavenly maker. My mission to ruin their lively hood and have society peg them as the racist menace that they are would just be the start of their demise. Had someone touched my child and made a derogatory statement, I would probably Taz that ass! I work hard to enjoy my travels and have certainly had my share of bad travel experiences but never does any of those bad experiences justify assaulting anyone; let alone a helpless toddler.


Jovial Jaunts is a personal blogger series hosted by Tazeem Rumal. Taz will document his travels, share his experiences living abroad, offer his opinions on topics and venture out to ask thought provoking questions.

Israel’s strick new immigration policy against migrant Africans ignites wide spread protests. |#StreetIntell #WorldNews

Increased arrests and aggressive measures towards African migrants have been going on for weeks now since the issuance of the December 10th  law by Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The law allows for the detention of migrants without trail for up to one year. Many migrants or “infiltrators” as the government calls them are illegal residents seeking asylum due to conflict in their homelands. Majority of the migrants are said to come from Sudan, South Sudan, and Eritrea.

At the Tel Aviv rally. January 5, 2013.
Photo Credit: Daniel Bar On

The Israeli government has been rounding up illegal immigrants and requesting that they report to various holding camps such as Holot, an open detention facility in the Negev.  The new aggressive response to the influx of African migrants is said to be border control but is beginning to look a lot like ethnic discrimination by the Israeli government. Many of the migrants are simply demanding the right to live and work in the country as they await their asylum bids to be processed. I presume that the Israeli government must feel that migrants pose a threat to their demographic identity because the nature of the state of Israel was formed solely for Jewish nationalists.  However, it appears to me that the migrants simply want just treatment and for the government to understand that they don’t wish to stay they simply need a safe place to live and work until order is restored in their homeland.

Photo credit:

In response to Israel’s actions thousands of migrants all across the state have staged multiple peaceful protests demanding recognition of their basic human rights.  Many of which are also participating in a 3 day strike from work which has attributed to the temporary shutdown of some local hotels, stores and cafes.  According to the Sydney Morning Herald this is reported to be one of the largest rallies ever staged by migrants in the Jewish state.

For the 1st time in 100+ years it is snowing in Egypt and other parts of the middle east (yes we said it, SNOW) #StreetIntell #WorldNews

Photo credit:
A light dusting once or twice isn’t unusual for the area but according to the weather channel  since Friday this rare winter storm has produced a remarkable amount of precipitation down in the lower elevations. This is attributed to a slow moving upper level low pressure system that is wrapping moisture into the air. The system is just cold enough to bring out heavy snow over parts of Israel, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Quite unusual for the sandy and dry  climate especially since they often receive little to no rainfall in the  region.