Social Networking for Social Change: Inside the YBH Platform

ybhlogoYBH, better known as ‘Young Black and Hustling, is an online social platform dedicated to the advancement, promotion and encouragement of individuals within the African diaspora.

YBH is designed to elevate and assist in the advancement of young professionals, performing artists, artisans, merchants, traders and their supporters. It is their mission to foster unity and solidarity among the international Black community. They facilitate this aim through providing networking opportunities, online resources and events that encourage cooperative economics, cultural pride, sustainability, business development and civic engagement.

One of YBH’s primary goals is to increase the integrity and responsiveness of black businesses. As a result of becoming a member of the platform individuals have access to online resources and a vast network of business owners in which they can readily exchange ideas, services and referrals. YBH recognizes the need for solidarity and elevation in American-African communities and are big promoters of self-reliance and cultural pride.

As a Philly based organization, YBH has been influential in many community efforts around the city of Philadelphia. For a major part of their existence they have been committed to exposing artisans and business owners within the area by curating a community market place entitled, Black Wall Street. With the creation of Black Wall Street, YBH has been able to further support member objectives and help members in the promotion and advancement of their businesses and brands. Some well-known and highly respected brands such as Kings Rule Together have benefited from YBH and the Black Wall Street event.


Dezi Speaks, Founder of YBH
Dezi Speaks, Founder of YBH


YBH was founded by Desiree Riley affectionately known as Dezi Speaks. Dezi is a young visionary and a big proponent of “promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”  She has dedicated her efforts and resources to educating and uplifting the global black community.

With YBH serving over 5,000 members and growing daily it has been Dezi’s mission this year to not only support her members online but tackle a lot more “on the ground work” through curating events and initiatives that further support and connect platform members.

As an agent of social change Dezi sees problems and acts; she is a firm believer in pro-action versus reaction in the community as a whole.

Through the YBH platform, Dezi has channeled her creativity into a tool  driving change within  the culture of the  black community. She is committed to encouraging American-Africans to support one another and give back to their communities.

Dezi hopes to further restore value and integrity throughout the black community. She plans to use YBH as a tool to transcend not only the US but the international community as well.

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