The “Lion King” has Returned to DC!

lionkingDisney’s landmark musical event, “The Lion King” has returned to the DC metro area!

This award winning musical has made its way around the globe and is back in the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) area to captivate audiences once more. But only for a limited time— after August 17th it will be gone. Therefore, be sure to get your tickets now to experience the dynamic ingenuity of a classic American story brought back to life live at the Kennedy Center.

05.03.14 |Dark IS Lovely, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Women’s Expo


The Second Annual Women’s Expo is bringing together professional, entrepreneurial and all around phenomenal women —Walking With A Purpose— to engage in an exciting time full of networking opportunities, shopping with vendors and informative speakers. Street Intell will be providing exclusive media coverage at this event. Tickets are free and can be confirm via Eventbrite. There will be a $5.00 suggested donation accepted at the door that will go towards continuing the efforts of the organization and supporting the Dark IS Lovely mentoring program.

Ladies prepare your business cards, reserve your ticket today and we will meet you at Dark IS Lovely, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Women’s Expo!

Dark is Lovely, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Executive Director, Adoma Adae. The vision of the brand is to encourage positive self-imagery and support young girls through mentorship, networking and workshops. The organization has been committed to the Northern, Virginia community through provided HIV/AIDs awareness workshops for the youth and a variety of other events focused on uplifting individuals.


A Message from the Founder:
Adoma AdaeI was inspired to start this organization after my first trip back to Ghana, West Africa in 2007. While there, I met a group of women who had bleached their skin. I didn’t understand why someone would put their health at risk or permanently damage their skin to feel beautiful. After I returned, I conducted some research and discovered that many other groups of women—and men—of color, domestically and intentionally had bleached their skin for various reasons. That knowledge motivated me to launch the Dark IS Lovely movement; where I sought to bring awareness to the issues of Colorism and Self-Acceptance.

Dark IS Lovely, Inc. was launched in March 2011 with the aim of making individuals aware that there is nothing wrong with having Dark skin tones and that we all should learn to accept and love who we are. My goal is to help young ladies and women understand that loving yourself is not something that can be taught, yet it’s something that is learned as you grow through life. I encourage everyone to reject the media’s definition of beauty and define their own true beauty but most importantly do not allow your skin tone to determine your worth!

Adoma Adae

On the Radar: TSoul (@TSoulMusic) -Best of Me

Virginia’s own Terry Packard best known by his stage name TSoul has a compelling and powerful voice. He delivers sweet yet strong emotions that can easily sweep any girl off her feet. TSoul was recently recognized for his talents last month as he performed live on the BET Music Matter’s stage. He performed tracks from his 2010 debut album “Love & Music” and even incorporated a smooth little remix of Usher Raymond’s 90s hit “Nice & Slow”. Check out more of his music here and don’t forget to comment below to let me know what you think.

Still deciding what to wear this season? Well, ‘fall’ into the trends with @DistinctivStyle

BW Pillows Sofa 2Fall is in full swing and so is the fashion. As most of the world is coming down off of their fashion week highs, many brands have already unloading their Fall’13 collections. Here at Street Intell we enjoy following fashion and we especially adore people with a great sense of styling it. Therefore, we caught up with this week’s guest blogger, Erica Joi and decided to get a bit more interactive by taking you all past our typical interview and on a mini tour through a few fall fashion trends.
We met up with Erica a few weeks back in Nordstrom [Pentagon City] and got to know a little bit more about this vibrant Virginia belle. Erica is a bright and intelligent person who studied fashion in college and decided to take her passion a step further by jumping into corporate styling. She’s professional wardrobe stylist turned blogger.
It was a pleasure sitting down with her as she expressed how she started She says originally it was a place to showcase her work in an online portfolio. But after careful consideration, it became more of a blog and tool that she uses to inspire women’s wardrobe decisions; as well as chronicling her personal styling journey. She likes to share what she knows and what she has learned therefore, it’s easy to see how she continues to expand and evolve her brand. We sat back and let Erica do her thing as she shared her Street Intell and affinity for style. Enjoy the videos below!

“It is so hard these days for up and coming stylist to have somewhere to go for inspiration and motivation therefore I wanted to create to become not only a go-to fashion site of what to wear, but also a site where anyone could share in my passion for styling.”

Living HERstory: Challenging the Stigma of Mental Illness with @Regal_Fro

October is here and there are tons of causes to bring awareness to like breast cancer, domestic violence and down syndrome. We feel strongly about supporting each of those causes, however, just this year and over the past few months we have noticed a heightened string of events that have all been related to mental illness.

One example of this is shown in the recent passing of Hollywood actor Lee Thompson Young. Young’s death was an unexpected and devastating blow to Hollywood and the community of 20 something year olds; that have watched him grow from the beloved childhood secret agent, Jett Jackson. Young was only 29 when he committed suicide on August 19th, 2013. It was released yesterday via NYDailyNews that Young suffered from bi-polar disorder and depression.

With that being said it was shocking for most of the world to hear that news but it is undoubtedly not a surprise that most people neglect the fact that mental illness can attack anyone at anytime. It is almost always assumed that a person suffering from a mental illness should look a certain way or act “crazy”.

There are many other open stigmas attached to mental health and we wanted to focus on airing out those stigma’s and shedding more light on mental health. Therefore, we sat down to have an up close and honest discussion with one of our Instagram supporters Ms. Regal_Fro aka One Mental Vlogger. She shared her Street Intell and gave us a first hand look into how she is living her story.
On a brief visit to Virginia, we were fortunate to sit down for an up close and personal interview with this week’s living HER story feature, LaQwanda aka @Regal_Fro. Finding out that she has far more to share with the world than great hair tips.
LaQwanda has been one of Street Intell’s most active Instagram supporters and loyal followers. Looking from the outside in you can not tell that this beautiful, bubbly and brilliant, young woman has ever been through any struggle. She was such a pleasure to sit down and chat with.-Carleta Fearon
LaQwanda touched based on the importance of getting treated for mental health concerns and how she wants everyone to be able to conquerors of their condition.

We thank LaQwanda for choosing to share her Street Intell and we hope she informs and inspires more people to get help and learn more about the stigmatized condition of Mental Illness. If you connect with her and want to follow her journey further visit her on YouTube at One Mental Vlogger.

If you or anyone you know needs immediate attention call the suicide prevention help hotline :1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit

July Style Feature: @BnessYesMEness

Name or Alias: B. Jamelle


Twitter- @BnessYesMEness


ASPIRATIONS: My goal is to be an asset to my generation. More specifically, I want to offer healing, support, kinship, and inspiration via my music.

HOBBIES: I’m a lover of all things artsy, my hobbies all tie into one another. Writing is my passion, I do it often and it often spawns my other “creativities”. I’ll write down a thought and it’ll often times inspire a melody and become a song, or sometimes evoke an image in my head that I’ll use to create a visual piece.

STYLE INSPIRATION: Phyllis Hyman, Sylvester James, my mother. These were all style ICONS in my book. I look to them often for reminders of how doin’ it is done! I borrow often from Phyllis’s use of accessories that teeter the line of being breathtakingly regal…and absolutely obnoxious lol. A lot of my style choices in terms of hair and make-up are in tribute to my mom. Sylvester was an absolute trendsetter. He was a style pioneer and I borrow his fearlessness in terms of dressing like whatever the hell he chose to, lol. Although they’ve all transitioned, I still pull a lot from images of each of them in their prime. Huge sources of style inspiration.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: My favorite accessory…accessories really, are anything by Venus Visuals. Their jewelry is absolutely unique and I love the brand’s use of bold/culturally significant prints and unique shapes. Check them out at I rock their stuff OFTEN.

WHAT’S YOUR STREET INTELL: My thing is to be useful, impactful, and contribute as a part, to the whole of things. As I mentioned earlier it’s my goal to use my gifts to promote ideas that are beneficial to my generation. I want to inspire others to inspire others to inspire others and so on. I feel like art is a really pure and effective means of connecting people, right at the core. I want to use my art to connect people’s hearts and minds. It’s an excellent tool to have, and I intend to learn it well and use it effectively.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: I’d say my style is… rugged regal. I love to shape my looks around the fact that I’m the queen of everything (that belongs to me, lol ), but I’m not at all afraid to do laymen’s work. I command respect. I give excellent care. I’m deliberate and fair, and I work HARD. I like to capture these elements of my persona in my style choices. In short, my style is ME! 🙂

This one’s for the ladies!!!

Dark is Lovely_Flyer1

Women's Expo Event
Women’s Expo Event

An exciting event is coming to the DMV area (Virginia to be exact). The lovely and outstanding group of women over at the non-profit “Dark IS Lovely, Inc.” are hosting a Women’s History Month event that you don’t want to miss. Tell a friend, bring a friend and prepare for an opportunity to network and share with some of DC, Maryland, and Virginia’s most influential and intellectual young ladies. See you there!